Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meal Ideas: Low-carb Pancakes

The first time I made pancakes for Elise, she hated them. I can't remember if it was pre or post diabetes, but I was crest-fallen. I thought it would be a great food for Elise to gum, since at the time she didn't have teeth.

Since then, I've found a healthier, low-carb pancake recipe that Elise LOVES! I made them for her this morning, and she when she was done she asked for more (the only thing she's eating well right now). So I thought I would share the recipe. The recipe I use is cut in half from the original, but I know the carb factor for it, so that's how I'll post it.

What you need:
2 eggs
1/2 cup cottage cheese - I use 4% fat (carb factor = 0.04)
1/8 cup whole wheat flour (cf = .725, or 9g of carbs)
1 tbsp sugar (cf= .998, or 12g of carbs) - I used agave nectar instead, maybe half a tbsp (8g of carbs, sorry, I don't know the carb factor)

***I'm still trying to figure out how to substitute the agave nectar for sugar. The batter came out a little runnier than normal, but otherwise cooked and tasted fine.

Carb factor when made with sugar = .12
Carb factor when made with agave nectar = .105

To Make:
*Throw all ingredients in a blender, or use a hand blender and mix.
*Cook in a pan, or on a griddle just like you would any other pancake.

Why It's a Great Meal:
*Elise will eat it.
*It's a lot healthier than a normal pancake recipe.
*Protein, protein, and more protein!
*Agave nectar has a low glycemic index and won't cause BG spikes like granulated sugar will.

I have also blended some banana into the batter, or added blueberries when it was all mixed. But of course that will alter the carb factor, so I wrote out the base recipe to make things easier. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the receipe, for the life of me I have never heard of agave nectar until recently reading d mommy blogs. I'm searching it out at whole foods this week!


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