Monday, August 3, 2009

Ups and downs

After a week of crazy, unexplained high numbers, we've sort of swung the other way. Actually, Elise's numbers have been pretty great; we haven't seen anything over 206, and that was at 3:00 this morning.

After raising all her insulin across the board, we had to lower the night time N by .5 because she was going so low overnight. We've been getting a lot of numbers in the 80-100 range during the day, which is probably a bit too low for someone her age, but rather than lower her insulin, I think we'll just up her carb intake.

I thought that we'd have some high numbers for sure this weekend because of all the excitement we've been having. My Mom is staying with us for two weeks, and on Friday, Fred's Mom and our 7 year old niece also came to stay. Elise had so much fun, especially when we all went to the circus. I thought for sure her BG would skyrocket that evening, but when we checked her during the circus (at what is usually her bedtime), she was 79. We even had to give her 10g extra of carbs at bedtime because she was only 106 when we got her home.

I know it sounds silly, but when I start seeing these lower numbers, I start thinking, "what if, somehow, her pancreas is healing itself? Could this be the miracle I've been praying so hard for?"

And I always feel silly thinking that. I do pray for it every night (sometimes it seems like I pray for it every time I look at Elise), and I know God could heal her, but He may have other plans for Elise. It's not for me to know. But in the meantime, I will keep on hoping and keep on praying, while enjoying these lower numbers for as long as they stick around.


  1. Whenever we change the boys insulin amounts, it is always a relief to briefly fight the lows, instead of the highs.

    It's never silly to hope! Without it what else are we left with?

  2. Riley has periods sometimes where he seems to barely need any insulin at all and gets to eat uncovered snacks. Every single time I think "maybe he's healed". So, no, it's not silly. It's called being a mother and hoping and praying for the best for your child.


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