Monday, January 11, 2010

Cool News Story

Our local FOX station had a neat story on tonight about a student that did a paper on diabetes. When his teacher read it, she realized her daughter had been having many of the symptoms that he listed in his paper. When she took her daughter to the doctor, her BG was in the 400s.

You can read the whole thing by clicking here.

The only thing that bugged me about the story is where the mom said a normal BG range was between 50 - 120. Fred emailed the reporter to let him know that 50 is considered a low BG.

But a cool story, nonetheless.

Edited to Add: I just got a comment saying how odd it was that the article never actually mentions the word diabetes... holy smokes, I never even noticed that! In the actual news story they do. How weird.


  1. Hey Joanne! I just got done reading this article, then saw your blog post about it! Awesome story. But what bugs me is that there is no mention of the word diabetes!

  2. wow what an oddity . sounds like some people need to be educated again . Is it not amazing that we spend half our lives educating people about our disease , I just cannot tell you how many people I have had to educate in my paths . wonderfull story Joanne and thanks for bringing it to light .

  3. That is SO awesome! I love it when things like that happen!

  4. I read that article yesterday. Some providers want children's ranges to be a little higher than what is acceptable for adults. What we consider to be in range is 100-200, though we start correcting at 150 (based on our experience rebounding from highs). However at school lunch, we correct over 200 to prevent afternoon lows that we were having.

    Leighann of D-Mom Blog

  5. I think that is a miracle that this teacher assigned and then read this paper. It honestly could have saved her daughters life. Great story!

  6. @ Leighann - I was more concerned about the Mom saying that 50 is an acceptable number on the lower end. As far as I have ever been told, that is a low BG and needs to be treated right away.

  7. Interesting! Wow! Neat story. I know it's not perfect but at least it's getting some awareness to the disease eh?


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