Friday, January 8, 2010

JDRF Awards Dinner

Thursday night was the JDRF Awards Dinner in our area, and even though it was FREEZING out, we donned our Team Elise shirts and had a fine time hanging with Laura and her family.

The dinner was held at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, which Elise LOVED... she is so into airplanes, and wanted to climb into every plane she saw. Maybe we have a little pilot on our hands!

We got to enjoy a dinner I didn't have to cook, heard some encouraging information about research that is going on, and Team Elise received an award for the money that we raised. All in all, a pretty good night. Here are some pics:

JDRF Ambassadors (plus Laura and I) up on stage. The MC was talking to Elise at this point, and Elise really wanted to talk into the mic

How cute are Elise and Nate?

After a doctor came and talked about his research the had the kids hold up letters spelling out "We ♥ Research". Isn't that the cutest A you've ever seen?

Laura's husband Jim trying to herd Nate to the front

The A seems to be running away

We have Nate, now where is Elise going?

Nate and Elise


  1. OMG, so cute and I wish that I was there. Congrats on the award!!

  2. Elise and Nate are SO cute! How fun to have each other there at the event. :)

  3. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the pics, and especially love that "A" running away :)

  4. Oh Nate and elise are so cute and yeah gotta love the A running away LOL !!!!

  5. I love that the A ran away. Elise and Nate are adorable together!


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