Saturday, January 9, 2010

I had to go and say it

Rewind about seven hours ago. I'm chatting with the undisputed champ of the diabetes world, Meri, when she asked me how Elise's numbers have been.

I told her that it looked like things were stabilizing, and we had seen a trend towards some higher numbers. My thinking was Elise had gone through the mother-of-all growth spurts during the month of December and it made her BG totally freak out.

But lately all her numbers seemed to be following a trend, so we were pretty sure it was all over.

Until tonight. Check THIS out:

7:30 pm - 168
At 8:15 pm we give her her night time N.
8:45 pm - 15g carb snack plus nursing
9:30 pm - she asks for water, and some banana. BG is 48 (huh?) We give her 10g.
9:45 pm - BG is 57
10:00 pm - 62. We decide to give her 5g more.
10:15 pm - 68
10:30 pm - 76. Again, we decide to give her 5g more.

At this point, it is now way, way past Elise's bedtime, although she is being such a trooper about it and not complaining at all. So we just put her to bed with a BG of 76, knowing that in about an hour, the N should start to peak. Of course we choose tonight to up her dose by .5 because she had been waking up in the mid-200s.

I'm just wondering if at some point we're going to see a major BG spike because of the 20g extra carbs we gave her. Better that than crashing low I suppose.

Going to be a long night.

Edited to add: 11:30 pm - 111. Groan.


  1. Big raspberry for the stupid lows...

    Hope it evens out and you get a good night sleep gorgeous!

  2. We may be expecting a crash later tonight as well.....I've been gone all evening so Jeff has been on the job, but she has ran low, even after ICE CREAM! What's up with that???

    Hope you get some sleep tonight and those numbers stabilize!!!

  3. Yeah I hope those numbers stablize soon too . I hate stupid lows and stupid diabetes .

  4. You don't know how many times I say who great Cara's numbers are AND THEN...the next day everything does to poop!!

    I hope the numbers start to make sense soon :)

  5. I always think I've learned to not say anything good about numbers....then I say it again and it bites me back-again. dontcha hate that!!??

    We are high here...they both suck. I'm up on those long nights with you. :)

  6. Ugh! That stinks!
    We've had crazy numbers here! High- make a change - low- correct- high.... Bleck!

  7. Numbers...numbers...numbers...

    May your brain find rest, your heart peace, and your soul strength.

    Oh, and A LOT of sleep too!!!!

    Tomorrow will bring new numbers...and we'll still be trying to figure out yesterday's.


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