Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How does exercise affect Elise?

A lot. Greatly. Loads. Huge. Plenty. Heaps. Mucho.

Like from 277 down to 185 in 30 minutes with no active insulin on board. After she climbed from 138 to 277 following her afternoon snack.

Now it's 12:30 am and her BG has been hovering around the 100 mark. Even her 15g snack at bedtime didn't budge her. And the extra carbs we gave to to try and nudge her up a bit aren't doing a freaking thing.

And I'm up blogging about it, for some insane reason. Do you have ANY idea how much I HATE this disease?

Of course you do. Because most of you have probably gone through something similar in the past few days.

All I have to say at this moment is, you can SUCK IT DIABETES!


  1. Definitely suck it Diabetes!

    We get exercise lows usually up to 6 hours after the exercise.

    I am HATING this disease tonight too. Zane is up with a tummy bug and I of course have to worry a TON more because of this stupid disease!

    Hope you can get Elise up for the night.

  2. Yes diabetes can suck it !!! I do believe I am hanging on to this bug because of my compromised immune system because of diabetes .Yeah im tired of it . I agree with you completely Joanne .

  3. Same with Maddison. Then we get the 6 hour drop. Stupid Diabetes. I'm a hater today too. Right there with ya!

  4. Hope things got better after you posted. If I was crafty, I would stitch DIABETES CAN SUCK IT on a throw pillow. ;)

  5. We had big problems during soccer season...extra exercise...long nights. BORING!

    Last night B stayed under 70 almost all night...dispite the carbs I fed him at 10, 1 and 3. He has NEVER done this before. No. Reason. Just stupid a** diabetes.

    I'm tired. :(

  6. I think we need a JDRF sneaker that says that - no nice little "Help Cure Type 1". It needs to say in great big bold letters:



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