Monday, April 19, 2010

By Jove, I think we got it!

And by it, I'm talking about the correct dosing for the Amoxicillin Elise is currently taking for her strep throat.

I knew it was the antibiotic making her run high, and not the infection, because she was constantly running high (in the almost 400 range) about 2 hours after getting her dose (breakfast and dinner). We usually see numbers in the mid-100s or lower at these times. Her numbers at other times during the day were fine.

The incredible Meri suggested adding a correction dosage to the shots Elise was getting at breakfast and dinner to see if that would help. Elise gets 1 unit of diluted Humalog for 301-400, and 2 units for 400+. I decided to start with 2 units, which didn't make much of a difference, so I got bold and upped it to 4 units. We're now seeing numbers in the high 100s. Not perfect, but I'm reluctant to up the dosage any more than I already have.

THIS is why I love my D-community!

Disclaimer: This correction dosage for Amoxicillin, of course, pertains to Elise only. Every child is different, and will respond differently to medications and/or insulin. Please follow your doctors advice, and use caution when giving your child a buttload of insulin.


  1. So glad to hear that you solved that nasty mystery. Neither of my girls have been on antibiotics since their dx, so I wouldn't even know what to expect. Not a day goes by that I don't learn a new trick to working with D. Hope your sweet girl is feeling better!

    P.S. - love your disclaimer!

  2. "a buttload of insulin" That's funny :)

    I am glad it worked... gotta love Meri!!!

  3. a buttload is that the same as a boatload ? LOL !!! Just kidding have a great week and hope elise starts feeling better soon .

  4. Hooray for me! Who knew that one of my millions of comments around blogland would actually HELP someone! YAY! My self esteem just went up a notch today!

  5. Thank God for Meri! I'm so glad you're finding something that works. Ammox. was a b$%@&%$ to us. I needed a reminder about being cautious with a "buttload" of insulin! I had a little... problem... today...

  6. So happy that you are seeing better numbers for Elise! I hope that she feels better real soon.

    Thank goodness for this amazing D-community :)

  7. So glad you got it figured out! What would we do with out our Meri!!! :)

  8. 1) Big ups to Meri for helping you find the right solution!

    2) I read your blog via rss feed, and I haven't clicked over here in a while, so it's my first time seeing your new "subtitle" and I gotta say: I totally dig it!

    3) We're going on our first JDRF Walk this Saturday and we're totally gonna wear the shirts you guys designed, so I'll be sure to send pics afterward. They look awesome. Thanks again! :)

  9. I read your post the other day about Strep's Wild Ride and sure enough, just hours later, I get Jonathan tugging at his ears announcing he has owies. I think great, I know what we're in for. Thankfully the doctor declared it a wax blockage and recommended drops to clear it up. I've always been concerned about meds for kids and potential side effects, but now there is a whole other side to it. Even cold medicine sends Jonathan through the roof. I'm glad you got the doses that keep things balanced, Elise is lucky to have such a skilled mom with cool friends.

  10. YAY...this is AWESOME news. I too have benefited so much from the knowledge-base that this D-community has.

  11. Glad to hear you figured it out! And I love the disclaimer! (I hate upping things til I feel like I am giving a butt load of insulin!)


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