Saturday, April 10, 2010

What would you do?

This post is not meant to start a war over the vaccinate vs. not-vaccinate topic, but I do have a question for all you D-parents on what you would do in a certain situation.

Elise is not up-to-date on her vaccines. We've done a delayed schedule with her from the beginning, and we got behind around her second birthday due to illness and having to get both the flu shot an H1N1 shots. The ones we're missing are the MMR, Hib, and Hep A (which I am not all that worried about the last one).

I am planning on getting the MMR very soon because we're going on a trip up to Canada in the next few months, and the thought of Elise flying on an airplane, plus having to go through customs at the Vancouver airport with a bunch of international arrivals makes me nervous.

My dilemma is this; I have recently met a Mom who wants to get together on a play date. She has three kids, one who I know of for sure has never been vaccinated for anything. She is the one closest to Elise's age. She also has a 6 year old, who I assume comes into contact with a lot of other 6 year olds. Rounding out the list is a 6-month old, who I'm uncertain of if she's received any vaccinations.

It makes me nervous to expose Elise to any child who has not been vaccinated due to her having a comprimised immune system, and my gut is telling me to be careful. Am I being totally over-the-top cautious? Or do you think I should wait to have this play date until all Elise's vaccines are caught up? I should also talk to Elise's pedi (and will call her on Monday), but I'd love to hear what you would do.


  1. I would wait, only because your gut is telling you to. I never question mommy intuition. :)

    But for that matter, how many children has Elise been in contact with that haven't had their vaccines. The kids at the park? At the community center? At church? If you are planning to vaccinate, I would asap so you don't have this worry on your plate.

  2. I know, that was my initial thought (about how many kids she's run into already that aren't vaccinated), but I still can't shake that "feeling"

  3. I would wait until she is vaccinated which I would do as soon as possible. My neighbor also decided not to vaccinate her baby.... unfortunately this is not a decision that I'm comfortable with. But I respect her choices. :)

  4. Yes I would wait for the play date until you know that elise is fully protected and if you ask me i cant understand these parents who dont vaccinate . These immunizations are in place for a reason and I have never ?ed that because I was around to see how some kids got crippled because their parents decided not to vaccinate . I pray you will put this play date off until elise is fully protected .

  5. I agree with the others! I'd hold off - especially because your gut is telling you to. It may have nothing to do with vaccines - it may be something else - but your intuition is telling you something and I wouldn't ignore it.

    I also agree with Meri - I'm sure she's been in contact with other kids without up to date vaccines - so if you are planning to do it - I'd do it sooner rather than later!

    Hugs to you and your TWO little angels! :)

  6. I would hold off -
    Your gut is telling you something so I believe you should listen.

    You are such a great mom -- you know what is best for Elise. :)

  7. HI! Newbee here :) I would agree to go with that mommy gut feeling... but again she has probably been in contact with others who havent had their vaccines... Bottom line go with your gut...
    I am someone who stuck to the schedule unitl this last 4 year old appt. and it was actually the doctor who agreed with me and said that with all Jackson has had in his system we should wait till the summer to do it but he will of course get them.

    Good luck and have fun on your trip!

  8. I personally wouldn't worry about it. You said she's missing the MMR, Hib, and Hep A. You're not likely to come in contact with those diseases anyway. You could have a play date with a kid with all his vaccinations and still get sick with any number of things that you can't be vaccinated against.

  9. the one thing i know is that "that feeling" is something we shouldn't shake. whats the harm in waiting? a canceled play date? seriously worth it even if it doesn't make the "sense" you're looking for. go with your gut. that's why we have it :-)

  10. I'm with the majority here...also, I wouldn't expose yourself, with the pregnancy and all either. Yes, I realize that you may come in contact everyday with those not immunized, but why risk it when this is a "known"?

    Go with you beautiful, baby-filled GUT!


  11. I like Reyna's take...

    Go with your beautiful BABY FILLED gut :) So sweet!!!!!

  12. I'm late weighing in on this one... but I agree with the others... always go with your gut. =)

    Also - in answer to a quesiton you posed in one of your comments on my blog... a pump is not required for most CGMS - only the mini med needs the pump because it uses the pump as its reciever. =)

  13. it is when we do not listen to our gut feeling that we get ourselves in trouble.. ask me i am an expert :)

    You are the expert in your home



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