Saturday, April 17, 2010

Guess what I did today

Spent quality time with my husband and daughter doing something fun? No.

Having a little "me time", and going to the store to buy some cute and starting to be much-needed maternity clothes? Nope.

Getting a massage, plus facial and pedicure? Perhaps in my dreams.

Taking advantage of Fred being home and laying down for a nap? I wish.

Grocery shopping? Good guess, but you would be wrong.

No friends, I spent two hours of my life that I will never get back, organizing all of our D supplies, including stacking them by date so our oldest ones are now at the front of the shelves.

Jealous much?

Did you know that the Multiclix lancets have an expiration date? Nice try Accuchek, I don't give a flying rat's ass if it's not 2009 anymore... I'm STILL going to use them. Hahahahahahahaha!

Methinks I've gone off the deep end.
Anyone care to join me?


  1. Thanks for the invite - I think I will join you!! Maybe you could come organize our stuff??? Try as I may I just can't get it done!

  2. Milti-clix expire??? REALLY???
    I might just call them and ask why... just to mess with the rep on the other end.

    Sadly, I would like to waist some time getting stuff organized. I am all out of wack from the caotic mess we have going on over here.

    Now take that time to go shopping... it will make you feel good :)

  3. BTW... I do know how to spell chaotic :)

  4. I am taking a swan dive to meet you in the deep end as I write this friend.

    Everytime we get new supplies, they sit in there boxes (Sometimes for a week) until I find the time to do just what you did, organize...bringing the old supplies to the front of the closet and shoving the new ones in the back.


    No fun. :(

  5. Organizing diabetes supplies...something I do way to often, unfortunately. They can begin to overtake my cabinets pretty quick if I don't stay on top of it :(

  6. try organizing a whole apartment in one week ? kuddos to you though for knowing that the multi clix has an expiration date LOL !!! we love you joanne and we will all go off the deep end with you dear . Have a great week and get some rest .

  7. On the other hand, it beats running out!

    And I never would have guessed about the lancets... money grab for sure.

  8. A D-mom's gotta do what a D-mom's gotta do, eh?! I organized our supplies today, too. That expiration date kills me. That's crazy!

  9. Sounds like fun! Haha
    Call me sick but I love stuff like that! =)

  10. I recently joked to someone that the box that holds my label maker is...labeled!

    I'm with you on the organization. We have a big box in the hall closet. A shoe box sized plastic container with one box of everything. And then a craft box which we keep on the counter in the kitchen.

    Don't know how we'll organize in the new home.

  11. I did that a couple of months ago! I never thought about exp. dates for the lancets! I will ignore them too and pretend you did not tell me this. :)


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