Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mr. Strep's Wild Ride

Whoa, this strep is driving me CRAZY! It has been sending Elise's numbers all over the map. Last night (at 9:00), she was almost 400. She'd had her first dose of the antibiotics at dinner earlier. She then came all the way down to 128 at 2:30 am (no correction other than her usual bedtime insulin).

I decided to wait and check her in an hour, but after 30 minutes had gone by, she was moaning and crying in her sleep; a sure sign she's going down fast. So I gave her some banana, and re-checked at 5:00 am. Now she's at 97. I gave her 5g more and she was 233 at wake up, I guess she didn't need that last 5g after all.

Then today, after breakfast and antibiotics, she was 437. Wow! I decided against giving her a snack (she wasn't hungry anyway), and she came down to 138 by lunch.

So it looks like the antibiotics are sky-rocketing her BG. She's on Amoxicillin, and I'm pretty sure it's the stuff with flavouring. Elise's pedi offered to phone it into a special compounding pharmacy, so we could get sugar-free, but I know from experience we don't have one close to us. So for convenience's sake (I wouldn't have been able to pick it up until the next day because Fred is out of town, and had I to deal with nap/dinner/bedtime schedules), I chose not to go that route. Next time, I definitely will.

So what is your experience with antibiotics? Does it cause your kiddo's BG to go high? How do you combat it? How many carbs do you figure is in 5 mL (1 tsp) of flavoured Amoxicillin anyway?


  1. the kids and me both had rocketing bgs with antibiotics !!!No worries it is normal .

  2. Do you have a correction factor that you use? I would maybe add enough short acting at dinner to bring her down and extra 100-200 points. Be conservative, but maybe just add a tinge and try to reign in this wild ride!

    Good luck! Hugs to you and Elise, and YAY!! Fred is coming home!!

  3. Oh dear. I was afraid of this. Avery was given that the first time she had strep. I think it's liquid evil in a bottle. I did a little research and all I could find was that it had 5g carbs per dose. Whatever. I tried adding 5g, 10g, .... NOTHING worked to keep it from wreaking havoc on her bg. And the MOST frustrating part was that it didn't always do that. Sometimes bg would be fine. We tried doing temp basals after each dose- which DID help- but did not totally work. The next time she got strep, we were given Cefdinir- because I asked for ANYTHING else. I was even considering getting capsules and emptying them into food. This new medicine is white and I was told it was also used to treat pneumonia. It did not have the same effect on bg. Her bg was higher, due to the infection - I guess, but not in the same way it was with the pink stuff.
    Good Luck, friend! It sucks! I hope this helps and she feels better soon!!!

  4. I was told that it is the infection that makes their bg go up not the antibiotics. I don't know myself because I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV - - -just passing on the information that I was given.

    Get well, get well soon. We want you to get well soon!

    Ok, I decided to sing the song again since I didn't have a chance to bring over a Get Well cake.

  5. Laura, we only see these ginormous spikes in her BG a few hours after she get her antibiotics. The rest of the day, she's in normal range. I gotta blame the meds in this case. Although it could be because it's flavoured... who knows?

  6. Getting caught up on reading :) I use a compounding pharmacy right around the corner from you for Mavis. It's new so you may not have known about it. Holler if you want more info about it! The pharmacist was especially helpful!


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