Friday, April 23, 2010

World Diabetes Day Shirts

I know this might be a little early to throw this out there, but Fred and I are thinking of offering to do the World Diabetes Day shirts again. If you didn't read my blog back then, here are some pics of people wearing the shirts:

Because I will be birthing a child a few months before World Diabetes Day, which is November 14, I thought I would post about it super early so I can gauge the interest level.

Last year the shirts went for $15, including shipping. I'm hoping to knock the price down a bit this year. By getting it done so early, we wouldn't have to use priority shipping. I'll have to do some figuring on how much shipping will cost for 1 shirt vs. 6 shirts, etc., so I can't give a concrete price yet. But after I get some responses on the interest level, and talk to our printer, I will have a better idea. I'm hoping to get everything done and shipped out by August at the latest.

So who's in? Leave me a comment!

P.S. For all my Canadian friends, Nicole handled the shirts for the peeps north of the border last year. I emailed her to ask if she's up for doing it again, but I haven't heard back. Nicole, If you're reading this, let me know!


  1. That's wonderful!!! I was wondering where people got the shirts last year! I had no idea it was you! :) Count us in :)

  2. I am in. I will want three for sure!

  3. I'll need at least 4 (2 adults and 2 kids). I'll let Nicole know too.

  4. I'm in for at least 4 (2 kids 2 adults). Thanks for offering!

  5. I loved our shirts!! They were a big hit last year...i'll let you know if L grew out of his and needs another one!

  6. I am in 2 adults 2 kids

  7. HI! we are in for sure... 2 adult 2 kids:) Let me know when you need more info


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