Friday, June 18, 2010

I just about peed my pants... and it's not because I'm pregnant

The number is in and it's good. No, it's great. Fred and I are freaking rock stars. Elise's A1C was 6.6. Her endo walked into the room and asked if we were ready to pass out. We didn't faint, but I teared up. Hearing a number like that (after TWO rounds of strep throat and antibiotics) is so worth all the crap we go through.

It's worth every sleepless night.

It's worth every carb we weigh.

It's worth every calculation.

It's worth every moment that we sit and pour over her numbers, trying to figure out how we can do better.

Elise's doc did go over our numbers to make sure that the low A1C wasn't a result of too many low BGs, and was pleased with what she saw.

6.6... oh my. I am so in love with that number that I am going to run off to Vegas and marry it.


  1. Congrats on a job VERY WELL DONE! You are both definitely D Rock Stars!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I am so happy for you! WAY TO GO!!!

    I was thinking about you at lunch, hoping you would post an update soon.

    You are so right about it being worth it. Sometimes we get tired of the checking, measuring, weighing, but it's so worth it to know that your sweet little Elise is doing great.

    This is such great news. You inspired me. I am so proud of you!!! : )

  3. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So proud of YOU :) Great job!!!!

    Let's all go to Vegas to celebrate!!!

  4. Congrats - you truly ARE rock stars for that number! Way to go Momma!

  5. Yeah team elise !!! Way to go fred and joanne and elise!!! those are numbers to be proud of and congrats and congrats !!

  6. Maybe we can have a plural marraige, because I love that number too! Congratulations! That number speaks volumes of the hard work and sleepless nights you and Fred have had.

    Well done! Talk to ya soon. :)

  7. THAT IS GREAT!!!! You have earned every bit of it and yeah for you three!!!! Of course, even if the number was higher, know that you are giving it your 100% and will continue to do that, and that is all you can do, regardless of the numbers!

    But for now, enjoy!!

  8. You are amazing and I bow to you both! So happy for all of you, especially Ms. Elise. Congratulations!


    You guys are rock stars!!!

  10. How very cool.
    Your hard work to raise a healthy daughter is definitely worth your efforts!
    Thanks for the smile!

  11. YEAH!!!! WOW!!! I would have seriously peed my pants!! Congrats and GOOD JOB!

  12. You ARE freaking rock stars! That's fantastic! Way to go!!!

  13. Doing a happy dance for you here! What a great number!! I dream of a number like that. Yes indeed, you are ROCK STARS! Congrats!

  14. Hi Joanne! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I found yours a while ago through others and now have added you to my blog roll.

    GREAT A1c! It makes all the hard work worth it, doesn't it. Not that you can ever "win" at this, but it does give the feeling that you can, sometimes, conquer the mountain.

    Nice to meet you!

  15. THAT'S AMAZING!!!! I am so happy for you and Fred, this is a number to be very, very proud of!

    Way to go :)

  16. You ROCK! What an awesome number! And to do all that work and get that great of a number while also dealing with all the pregnancy stuff too...I'm in awe! Amazing job!


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