Saturday, June 26, 2010

An update to my quandary

Fred and I have decided not to participate in the trial. Although we really, really, REALLY want to, it's just not the right time for us to sign up for something so intensive.

I spoke with the CDE in charge, and just getting to the part where we would be randomized (meaning we find out which insulin we'd be on), it quite a process; including 3 3-hour office visits where they would take history, draw blood and do some other tests. It just doesn't make sense to go through all that only to back out if we get in the Lantus group.

And as far as not wanting to try Lantus, well, Fred, Elise's endo and I are sort of all in agreement on this one... if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Why would we switch from an insulin that is (for now) working for us, and only having to give three shots per day; to an insulin we are totally unfamiliar with and Elise having to endure at least 4, possibly more shots per day?

All we really want to do is what's best for Elise. And I think sticking with what we're doing is what's best. And while I am very sad we don't get to be a part of the study (the total nerd in me was really looking forward to it), I feel confident we've made the right decision for us.

Now my new mission is to find out if our insurance will cover a CGM. I spent almost 3 hours (added up, over the day, not at one time) on the phone with them yesterday; getting transferred from person to person, being put on hold etc., and STILL don't have an answer. FRUSTRATING!

Those of you with little ones that are using a CGM, how did you work around the fact that they're not approved for kids under a certain age?


  1. Let the CGM company do the work for you!! They will submit all the paperwork and they know all of the correct codes and what not to use! My son uses a dexcom since the product came out and the insurance company never cared whether it was approved for under 7 or not. Lantus is not even approved for under 6 but as we all know, babies use that insulin. Good luck!

  2. You and Fred know what is best for your family, you have to follow your heart and your instinct will most always lead you in the right direction :)

    As far as a CGM, I don't have either of my girls on one yet but I would love to try one someday...I've heard such great things.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and good luck on your quest for a CGM!

  3. I don't blame you for not wanting to make changes. They are tough enough when you have to do it.

    Also, like anon said... the CGM company will do all the work for you (at least the insurance part). Let them take care of it. You are not committed. Dealing with insurance it way to much of a headache!!

  4. I never expected to get CGM approval. DexCom did all the legwork other than me providing BGs logs. Got a call one day that Caleb was approved 100%. I had been prepared to appeal, but never needed to.

    Good luck!

  5. I have to wait until october to see if the insurance company will even cover me and then we work on a cgm . also you and fred know what will and wont work for your family so I commend you on that .

  6. I think you've made a good decision. You are doing what you feel is best for Elise!

    I want my son to get a CGM so badly!!! There are just so many times I want to know which way he is trending and I hear so many good things about the Dex......

    That's next on my list of things to figure out.

    Um......along with everything else! : )

    Have a good weekend, sweet friend!

  7. You know what is best - so good decision made by YOU.

    On the CGM Lorraine...of This is Caleb...I submitted Joe's Logs and Dexcom did the legwork. We, too, were 100% approved, meaning we pay is 100% covered and our lives are that much more safe and it puts my mind that much more at ease.

    Love Ya!!!

  8. I am a big supporter of you are the mom and the choice you make WILL be the best for your family! I am proud of you for picking what you feel is best! Good luck on the CGM I will be following closely to see if it might be a good option for joshua

  9. Dexcom did it all! I called our rep and asked about doing a trial. A couple of days later, our trial cgm had arrived. She sent me what I needed to turn in- 60 days of logs (looking for bg's under 50 - we had WAY too many) along with insurance info. They did the rest. They were amazing! The folks I worked with were all very helpful! You can read more about our experience on my blog- I've been writing about it lately since it's new. Saved our butts the other night... Anyway- I'm totally in love with Dexcom!!

  10. Studies are hard, and a big commitment. You came to the right decision...your going to be a little busy in a couple months!

  11. I just emailed you the sales rep's info for our area. :)

  12. Excellent decision, Joanne! Like you said, if it isn't broke, don't fix it! You and your husband are obviously doing an excellent job managing Elise's diabetes!


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