Saturday, June 12, 2010

She did it!

40 shots (she gets 3 shots/day) without making a fuss. Her prize???

A brand new princess bike (still wondering how MY daughter likes princesses)

Hopped on it like she's been riding a bike all her life

So proud of herself

Watch me go!

C'mon Seven, let's get outta here!

The first time she rode her bike, we checked her BG right before. She was 71. So we tried to get her to eat some banana before she went for her ride. The problem was, she had already gotten on the bike and was trying to pedal away. Have you ever tried to feed your child food while they're riding their bike? Not easy, my friends... not easy.

Thankfully, she stopped long enough to get some carbs into her, and then she was gone again.

Crazy kid.


  1. LOVE her bike!!! WAY TO GO ELISE :)

    Great job, Mom and Dad!!!!

  2. great job to all of you . Looks like she was having fun .

  3. What else but a princess bike for Elise! My daughter had to have one too, and did not know anything about princesses. I think it is the pink pretty thing :)

  4. Great job, Elisa!! We love princesses too!!

  5. Way to go Elise!!! You definately deserve that beautiful princess bike :)

    Both of my girls are sooooo into anything that's princess, pink or sparkly! Gotta love it :)

  6. I love that she is wearing her swimsuit! Such a great memory!

    And you know what...I'm pretty sure I have tried to feed a child while riding a bike. You are so right...NOT. EASY.

    Congratulations Elise! For sure a well deserved reward!!

  7. How cute... love the swim suit :)

  8. What a big girl! I always wonder how my girl ended up loving princesses and dress up. Maybe it skips a generation or something?! I love the pictures.

  9. Yay Elise!!! Great choice on the bike (Alivia has the same one)!

  10. That's a pretty big reward. We let Quinn choose some art supplies after 30 pump changes (90 days). And after that first reward chart we haven't done it again.

    Q often goes low (or drops dramatically even if in range) during long bike rides, so I try to remember to give her extra snacks.

    Elise looks right at home on her new bike!


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