Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A quandary and an update

First I just wanted to thank everyone who responded with their thoughts on my last post. I think I was having another one of my "moments" because we have been so lucky in the past with being able to figure out a BG issue within a day or so. Those who mentioned a growth spurt; I think you're right. Today, Elise has been out of her mind with hunger.

Last night went better, at her 11:00 pm check (when she's usually in the 70s), she was in the low 200s. And she woke up at 113... nice! Besides giving her more carbs at bedtime, we also fed her about 45 minutes before her shot, and gave her the shot about 30 minutes later than usual. Maybe this is the formula we're looking for!

Now, onto the reason for my post. At our endo appointment on Friday, Elise's doctor mentioned a study that they had going on. They're researching the use of CGMs and Lantus for toddlers (I believe they are studying them as two speparate issues). We were invited to take part and given the paperwork. Someone is supposed to call us with more info this week, but we're still very undecided on if we are going to take part.

Here are the perks:
  • the use of a FREE CGM for 6 months.
  • free insulin (me likey the free).
  • being able to help out with diabetes research.

The downsides:
  • There are two study groups... those using Lantus, and those using NPH. You cannot chose which group you're in. If we were randomly selected to be in the Lantus group, I think we would have to back out of the study (I don't want to rock the boat right now by changing to a new insulin).
  • I'm wondering if it might be a bit too much to take on right now, seeing how I'm seven months pregnant, and we would have to take Elise to special appointments for the study.
So we'll see... we do have the option of signing up and then backing out if we wind up in the Lantus group. Right now we're just waiting to be contacted.

Does anyone who is more experienced at this have some suggestions for what questions we should be asking?


  1. Sounds like it could be great to be in the study! Did they say which CGMS they are trying?

    I would sign up if I were you, and back out if it is a lantus study. :)

    I have no advice, just wanted to say good luck if you do it!

  2. I'm pretty sure it's the Dexcom...

  3. Hi! Sorry I was late reading your other post, but I'm glad you are figuring things out.

    Byt the way....I still think you're a rock star! : )

    Matthew is having crazy numbers right now too. Goes to bed at a great number, but once the Novolog is out, he spikes big time!

    Just like you....we've changing nothing to cause this strange trend! So frustrating!

    But like you, I think we're figuring it out. Slowly, but surely. Sigh.

    Good luck if you do the study. Free insulin would rock!

  4. wow that is a dilema is it not ? wow I dont envy you having to make that decision . God I also did not realize that you are 7 months pregnant already . well good luck on whatever you decide .

  5. Big decision to make. Adding extra stuff in this final stretch of pregnancy might be a bit much but free stuff is always a good thing. I don't have any wisdom to add. I just wanted to comment because comments = <3 as Meri says on her blog. =)

  6. Tough choice! A newborn and a diabetic toddler is a challenge but it's doable! I think it would be worth it…especially if you get the use of a FREE CGM!!!

  7. Yay for figuring things out and having a good night!

    I don't know that it's worth much, but I used the Medtronic CGM just before I got pregnant with my son. I HATED it! The needle that goes in was really long (even with putting it in at an angle) and there was so much extra work just to keep the system calibrated.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you shouldn't do the study, if you feel it's in Elise's best interests (and free insulin is a hell of an incentive). Just thought I'd give you my 2 cents about my experience.

  8. We used Lantus and Novolog the entire time we were on MDI. Everyone I personally know locally uses Lantus (until they switch to a pump). Lantus was easy to use, we gave it at 8 pm and you have a half hour window to give it. There weren't really any peaks to worry about. It just quietly works in the background. I wouldn't hesitate to switch to Lantus, then again we've never used NPH.

    We were recently invited to be in a 14 month CGM trial, but it involved 12 trips in 14 months to our clinic which is 200 miles away. We just weren't up for it.

    Do you think the benefits of the CGM would outweigh the negatives included one more thing for young Elise to deal with?

    I thought long and hard and got advice from others who are on CGM before making a decision about our CGM trial.

    Also, do they let you keep the CGM at the end of the trial and will the insurance company then start covering the supplies? Definitely something to think about.

    You'll make the right decision for your family. Good luck!

  9. HI! we use Lantus I don't know about the other kind but we have had no problems with this. I know you have a tough descison to make but i would talk to others on it to see if it would maybe be a relief to have the CGM while you are so busy with everything going on.


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