Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chronicle of a long night

9:40 pm
As Fred is loading the dishwasher, he tells me we are out of dishwasher cleaner. Oh no, there is no way we're going to hand wash those puppies at this late at night. I tell him I'll run to Target to get some and he makes some joke about not making it back anytime soon. Since Target is closing in 20 minutes, I let him know that I will be in, out and home in 15 minutes. I win. Go me.

11:00-ish pm.
Eileen calls us. Elise is 270 with double arrows up. We scratch our heads and wonder how this can be when all evening she barely made it above 100. We decide to see where things go.

12:55 am
One of my many potty breaks of the night. I decide since I'm up to go see what Eileen has to say. Nothing but question marks, something that had happened frequently throughout the day. Gee, thanks Eileen. I check Elise and she's at 144.

2:22 am
Eileen still has many questions, so we check Elise again. Crap, 72. With no way of knowing if she's heading up, down or holding steady; we decide to give her some banana.

2:25 am
Fred falls down the stairs while going to get the banana. I almost go into labour upon hearing the multiple thuds and following crash. Poor guy, I think he hurt his neck. And I discover I can still move pretty quickly for someone who is 8 months pregnant.

2:49 am
Eileen still has nothing to say, but a finger poke shows Elise is coming up and is now at 102.

4:11 am
Hello? Eileen? Fine, another poke... 152. Back to sleep for the remaining 3 hours.

4:30-ish am
Heard over the baby monitor: Cough, cough... BLURK!
Out of bed and down the hall to discover Elise has thrown up. So we strip the bed, check her temp (normal), check ketones (0.1), BG is fine. She claims that she feels okay, not sick at all. Well that's ONE piece of good news. Thankfully I washed her other sheets, and have a spare to put on the bed. I do not, however, have a spare mattress protector. Fingers are crossed that this is a one time event. Downstairs to put her sheets in the laundry.

8:00 am
Eileen STILL doesn't want to talk, but Elise's meter says 148. Yawn... did I sleep at all last night? Alright Thursday, let's do this...


  1. Wow sorry you had a crappy night dear and yeah you certainly dont want to hear that your kid is sick first thing in the morning . hope thursday is better for you .

  2. come on Eileen!
    What a night...hope you got a nap in today and your babe is feeling better.

  3. Oh no! What a night! I hope it's getting better. I will pray for quality sleep tonight!

  4. Oy! What a night! I hope Eileen has recovered and is back on track now so you can get a good night of sleep tonight! It's hard enough to do when you're 8 months pregnant, let alone when you're up every couple of hours to check BGs!

  5. What a crappy night. I've had some myself lately. Yes, you can definitely add me to your blog list, I would be honored! :)

  6. COME ON EILEEN!!!!!!!!!
    SOOO~ did you almost go into labor from laughing or out of concern???

  7. Dang...your making me tired!

    Here's to a good, long nap today!! Hope Elise recovered quickly and that she's feeling better.

  8. i hate nights like that!

    and hope you can get some sleep soon, and lots of rest before the baby is due! :)

  9. I hope she's feeling better. That is so hard. We have had the same problems of question marks on our CGM, just when we want it most! I tell my daughter it's sleeping like she is, and they are its version of saying ZZZ.
    I have had better luck keeping the CGM working since I switched out her comforters for a flannel sheet. Since I did that a few nights ago, it hasn't gone to sleep---knock on wood!


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