Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cuddle Time

This is what I saw when I walked into Elise's room at about 11:30 pm the other night. She was snuggled up with her CGM pal, Eileen. Awwwww, how cute, right?

Except that when I grabbed the receiver to see what her number was, and saw the "grey box of death". Yup, my darling not-quite-three-year-old has figured out how to stop the sensor. Greeeeeat.

It made for a very long night.


  1. XOXO!!! SLeeP well Joanne...well in 2 hours once you can re-calibrate Eileen.

  2. They look so innocent and precious when they sleep! Oh! I just want to kiss that cute cheeky!

  3. Aw, but she's so sweet when she sleeps! Next time she does that, I suggest just crawling into bed and sleeping cuddles up to her. Have you noticed that if her blood sugar is low when she's asleep, her breathing pattern will change? There's always some little clue, even when they're unconscious!

    I hope you get some rest tonight!

  4. Well, you know The Superhero knows how to do the SAME thing! I had one week where he restarted the sensor 4 times! I ended up stretching the sensor for 12 days, I forgot which day I had put it in because we restarted it SO many times!

    She is adorable by the way! :)

  5. she looks like a little doll and you just want to hug the stuffing out of her.

  6. OH my! She is so adorable! Such a sweet picture! :)

  7. I love that you take so many pictures!

    I hope all is well with you. Are you feeling better?

    Matthew is A-OK. And I hope he stays that way throughout flu season. : )

    Tell Elise we said hi!

  8. Something only a DMom can truly appreciate. This made me smile. :) <----- See?


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