Friday, August 6, 2010

What's going on?

It's been a weird, wild and wacky couple of days. Starting with the night my husband fell down the stairs and Elise puked.

The next day (Thursday) she woke up at 179. We did everything as we normally would, except about an hour after Elise ate her breakfast, she said she didn't feel so good. Eileen says everything is A-okay in the mid-100s, but a quick finger poke says 132.

Did you catch the part where this is one hour post-meal? Yeah, she should be MUCH higher than that. Except she wasn't.

I calibrate Eileen and head off to open gym. When we get there, Eileen starts beeping her head off. Quick poke... 48! Crap-on-a-stick! To make a long story short, it takes 33g EXTRA (on top of her 15g snack and 25g lunch) to get her above 80. Her post-lunch number is 108. I give her a pre-nap snack, thank God for Eileen and put Elise down for her nap. Everything is great until right at 3:00, when BAM, her BG shoots up to 310. I guess all those extra carbs caught up to her.

Fast forward to today. Elise and I are so, very excited because we're meeting Tracy and Matthew for lunch. Elise wakes up with a bg of 174, and again we do everything as we normally would. About one hour after breakfast, Eileen starts screaming LOW again. Finger poke... 48. Crap-on-a-stick and holy déjà vu!

I start stuffing Elise with carbs and head off to lunch after I get her BG up enough. Another long story short... today it takes 50g of extra carbs (on top of lunch and snack), and she never gets any higher than 99 (pre-nap number).

Because of what happened yesterday, I'm a bit leery about giving her a snack before her nap, but I do anyway. All is well until I walk into her room to check out her CGM. I notice a smell. A very bad smell. Elise has thrown up all over her bed, and is sleeping in it. Oh. Dear. Lord.

At this point she's only been asleep for about 30 minutes, so I do what will surely get me nominated for Worst Mother in the World... I let her continue to sleep in a puddle of her own vomit. My reasoning is this... better she be covered in vomit and well-rested, than covered in vomit and cranky. Right? Can I get a holla? Anyone?

All this to say, aside from meeting Tracy and Matthew, it's been a pretty sucktastic day. Elise has been amazing through all of this. The weird thing is, she's not acting sick. She's her usual sunny self. She has no fever, no ketones... just these crazy low blood sugars, throwing up, and just for fun; a few bouts of diarrhea. Thankfully, she has an appetite and will eat and drink, although we've drastically reduced her insulin amounts until whatever this is has run it's course.

I'd be remiss if I didn't add how much fun it was to meet Tracy and her AMAZING son Matthew. I was wondering how the dynamic of a 3 year old girl and 9 year old boy would work, but Matthew was so sweet with Elise, and she stuck to him like glue the entire time. I think her hero-worship started when she saw Matthew do his shot at lunch all by himself.

Tracy was so much fun to chat with, and I am so glad she made the long drive over my way to meet up. Thanks guys for bringing some fun into an otherwise Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad day but I do have to say that I am jealous of you Texas girls because you get to see each other in person. I might just have to make like a bird and fly south this winter.

  2. That's our reward for having to live in a place where "it feels like burning" is an accurate description of the weather in the summer.

    If you ever do make it out this way, we'd love to have ya!

  3. Holla!

    And crap on a stick is right!

    Flu issues with the intestines mess with absorbstion. She must not be absorbing the carbs very well. :(

    I hope things get better lickity split!! And I'm so happy you meet Tracy and Matthew! SO COOL!!! I'm glad SOMETHING was good about this day!

  4. Holla!!! I am so with the "let the kid sleep in the vomit" decision.

    Sounds like a "malabsorption" issue...that will hopefully pass quickly.


  5. Holla!
    You survived it!
    And had a D-meet up!

  6. Sounds like to me she has the stomach flu or is running some type of virus . Not a good thing kids throwing up every where . sorry you are having to go through this . I hope things get better soon for you and elise.

  7. Ok - I'm 50/50 on the Holla unless Fred was on his way home to clean it up - - - then I would have left it. :) Sorry Fred - - I would have!

    Otherwise I might have had to move sweet Elise out of the vomit.

    Oh yea - if it had been one of my kids - totally HOLLA!

  8. Holla!

    Ok, crazy numbers are flying through the air of our homes.....

    You did the right thing to let her sleep.. hope if she is not well it passes soon...

    Glad you had a d mama/kid meet up!

  9. Some days are like that. Even in Austalia. :)

    Hope she's feeling better soon and THANK GOD for Eileen! I sing the song every time I read her name.

    You rock, Momma. Don't forget it!

  10. Yowza. Sounds like not-so-much fun! I hope she feels better soon and the whatever-it-is runs its course. Thank goodness for D meetups [and for Eileen!].

  11. Uh, yeah....sleeping in puke vs waking up cranky to clean up the puke. Totally understand. I've let my kids sleep with dirty diapers just because it's never good to wake a sleeping child!

    Wow, you've had an awful couple of days! I hope Elise is at the tail-end of whatever bug is making her sick. It's never fun when they're sick! Hope she's feeling better soon!


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