Thursday, August 12, 2010

May you live in interesting times

Apparently, I have a flair for the dramatic when I'm pregnant. With Elise, I fell in the bathtub at 32 weeks and went into labour. I had to say in the hospital for a weekend, but they managed to stop the labour and send me home.

This time around, I caught a nasty little stomach bug that, despite my best efforts, dehydrated me severely. When I called my OB's office on Wednesday, they became concerned when they heard I hadn't been able to keep anything in me since Saturday, and told me to go to L&D (labour and delivery) to make sure everything was okay.

Upon checking in and being hooked up to various and sundry machines, they discovered my contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart, and I could definitely feel them getting stronger. I was also dilated to a 3, and at 70% effaced.

It took 3 shots of Terbutaline, and 3 bags of saline; but they finally stopped the contractions about 7 hours later. As an added bonus, I was also diagnosed with a UTI and reflux.

But, I'm at home, taking it easy, and little Mattias gets to cook for a little while longer. One thing I have to mention is that my husband is a complete and total ROCK STAR. He has done an amazing job of looking after both Elise and I. While working from home this morning, he wrangled Elise, managed all her diabetes care, and even cleaned the whole downstairs.

All while I slept blissfully upstairs (at least one of the drugs I'm taking knocks me out). What can I say, I married well!


  1. boy you sure did I dont know how you live so far from family and survive . I miss my kids alot lately and im not sure why but . we talk all the time on fb but it just is not the same .

  2. Oh goodness missy! You take it easy!!! Fred is a dream! Sounds like he is taking great care of you!

  3. Good grief!
    Hope tomorrow and the rest of the tomorrows are much, much better.
    Please take care.
    And give Fred a hug for being a great guy/husband/dad!

  4. What a wonderful husband! How many weeks are you now? Glad you are doing well. :)

  5. Oh my! You take care of yourself and leave Mattias to cook a little longer you hear? Good luck getting better and you surely did marry a rock star!

  6. Take care and I hope feel better soon. I'm so glad you married well! I know you and baby M will be just fine.

  7. Holy Moly Lady, I'm so glad that everything is good. Take it easy and big props to the hubby of the year :)

  8. AND cleaned the whole downstairs? Lady, you DID marry well!

    Feel better soon!

  9. Holy Macaroni!!! I am glad you are OK and that the babe gets to "cook" a little longer.

  10. Wow! As if you didn't have enough excitement already! Thank God for fantastic husbands, right? So glad you have someone to take care of you and that baby gets to stay in a bit longer! Hang in there!

  11. So glad you are getting sleep and rest and that this did not get any MORE dramatic. Also, VERY glad you decided to actually GO IN to have your contractions checked out this time!
    If you need anything at all, even a Pepsi, call me. :)

  12. Sounds so scary, but I am glad to hear you are hanging in there! Phew!


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