Sunday, September 26, 2010

Love me some Amazing Race!

I'm not much of a reality show fan, but if there is one show that I love, it's the Amazing Race. In fact, Fred and I have been told we would totally rock the Amazing Race, except for the fact that you have to be an American citizen to be on it.

So what does the Amazing Race have to do with diabetes? Last night when I was reading up on the teams for this season, I noticed that one of the cast members (Nat) said she would donate part of the million dollar prize to diabetes reasearch if her team won.

I thought that very interesting and needless to say, Team Nat and Kat were my favourites from the start. Well, fast forward to tonight, and I'm watching the season premiere. To my utter surprise, her teamate (Kat) pulls out a lancet and says to Nat, "finger poke!" She then tests Nat's BG for her as she's driving.

Nat then starts to talk about being a Type 1 diabetic... unfortunately, I didn't hear much of what she had to say due to my sheer excitement. I never thought a diabetic would be allowed on the race, but I am so excited to watch how Team Nat and Kat do this season.


  1. Oh cool! My husband is obsessed with the amazing race. He actually thinks he can find a way to try out for it...Hmmmm....I wonder where a paycheck would come from?

  2. My husband and I use to watch amazing race religiously for the first 5 seasons but then it just grew old. However we are going to have to tune in now and keep an eye on this amazing team!! I'm sure we will fall in love with this show all over again!!

  3. Yay for Amazing Race....Go team Doctors!

  4. OK, I may tune in for this season just for that reason. I have watched on and off over the years...but, dang if that isn't cool.

  5. I know, right?!

    (I posted video today of her talking about eating, BG's, etc.)

  6. Yep we watched it last night and I think this is an awesome team and that is great that a type 1 diabetic is on the show and that is just awesome . I also have been known to do a bg check in the middle of driving on the highway of course those ppl who have ridden with me may not be too thrilled to hear that but hey a girl does what a girl has to do yeah ?

  7. My brother called to tell me about the T1 too - - - I didn't have a chance to watch it but I am going to!

  8. I DVR'd it...I haven't watched it yet! I'm so excited to get into it this season!


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