Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things I learned about Diabetes this month... August edition

-A stomach bug MAY make your child's insulin needs decrease rapidly. Of course, Your Diabetes May Vary, but almost a month after Elise was sick, we are STILL trying to figure out her insulin needs. At one point, we cut her Humalog dose in HALF for the same amount of carbs, and we were still fighting semi-lows. I think it's starting to go back up, but now it's her long-acting insulin (NPH) that needs to be decreased.

-Making a care manual for your toddler might make you a tad bit insane. I started writing one so that my Mom would have a reference guide when she came to help out with Elise when the baby is born. It grew into a 12 page monster that seemed to have no end in sight. It runs the gamut from How to Check a BG to How to Dilute Insulin... with administering glucagon and info about carb factors stuffed in between. Granted, my Mom knows how to check Elise's BG, and hopefully will not have to dilute any insulin, but I wanted to be prepared for any scenario. The good news is that it is DONE! Writing that thing was almost like giving birth... painful, lots of screaming and at one point I was in dire need of pain killers.


  1. Oh my goodness I hate stomach bugs! Charlotte had one and we were struggling with lows for several weeks. And just when I thought we were getting back to normal, she caught another stomach bug and we did it all over again.

    We went over to my parent's house one day and my brother was outside working and he said his daughter (who was inside) had been throwing up the night before. I packed my kids all back in the car and went home. I was not going to risk that again!!

  2. Bummer on the BUG...and ARGHHHH (in pirate-like voice) I cannot even imagine...writing out a care manual. Oh wait...I kind of can. "d" is so complicated and requires different actions for different scenarios. You almost need a flow-cart as a visual aid...

  3. Oh my gosh have you been told lately that you are an awesome mother ? a 12 page long manual now how many mothers would have the sense of peace and brillance to do this ? wow joanne you do floor me dear . I think that is just awesome .

  4. Phew! You wore me out just reading about your manual.

    Last time Q was really sick instead of going high, she was low and I couldn't keep her in range. It was tiring.

    Wish you were nearby because I would totally babysit Elise when you have the baby!

  5. Oh My goodness!!I was just getting ready to start on one of those for Joshua. When Sara gets married we are having our inlaws watching him several times that weekend and I wanted it to all be together. would you mind sending me what you did so I can edit instead of recreate??? Thank you in advance


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