Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Question

After two years I am finally getting off my butt and ordering Elise an ID bracelet. Yeah, I know... just add it to my "Bad Mom" list!!!

My question is, what did you have engraved on your child's bracelet? Obviously it should say Type 1 Diabetic (or should it be Type 1 Diabetes?). But do you put their name? Phone number? The fact that she's insulin dependant (and the types on insulin?) Am I missing anything?

Please and thank you for your help!


  1. We have Joe's name, Type 1 Diabetic, Insulin Pump on his.

  2. I put Ally's first and last name
    Type 1 Diabetes
    Insulin Dependent (on some) then I started putting Insulin Pump
    I also put my phone cell phone number.

  3. I never thought of having it say, "insulin pump."

  4. I wondered the same thing since we are planning on ordering Bryce a med id dog tag from Lauren's Hope.
    Have heard it is good to put an "ice" (in case of emergency) phone number on it too.

    For 2 years, he has worn a silicone bracelet that just says "diabetic"

  5. Name, Insulin Dependent Type 1 Diabetes, Insulin Pump, Birthdate and home phone #

  6. Oh yes, first and last name.
    Get one from Lauren's Hope - expensive but worth every red cent.

  7. There's not a lot of space on ours. So on the front, it just says on three lines: Jack, Diabetic, Needs Insulin.

    On the back, we have our home phone #, my cell # and Gregg's cell #.

    We got ours from Creative Medical ID. (

    What we like about this company is that they actually engrave the information, rather than laser it on. The lasered info on past bracelets has worn off. The engraved info on the Creative Medical ID bracelets is still there despite being banged and scratched by a rough-and-tumble boy.

  8. We have 1st and last name, diabetes type 1, insulin dependent. If we had more room i would of put Glucagon, because chances are that's what she'd need if passed out and hopefully they'd look in her bag and find it :) and i would of liked my phone number on there (although she's hardly out of my reach). I wouldn't put the kind of insulin just because that can always change.I also keep a alert bracket hooked to her diabetes back pack and inside is a note card that explains checking her sugar and what the numbers mean.

  9. Type 1 Diabetes
    Insulin Pump
    Allergic to Penicillin

    We have medic alert so I don't put any names or numbers on there. It is only like $35 for the year, and that includes the braclet. If you did your own, if there was room, maybe put what kind of insulin she uses. Like:

    Elise/Type 1 Diabetes

    Hope all is well with your family!

  10. We put Type 1 Diabetes, Insulin Dependent on the outside and on the inside put her first and last name and our names and cell phone numbers. I didn't like the idea of any crazy off the street seeing her first and last name, but figured it was okay on the inside...

  11. We have:

    Type 1 Diabetic OR IDDM (Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus)
    My cell #
    Dad's Cell number

    I didn't think about the pump thing either.

  12. ours says first last name type 1 diabetic and my cell.

  13. My DD's says the following on the inside-- on the front it's just a pink medical symbol.

    123-456-7890 <--our home phone

    I really wish there was room for our cell #s, too, but we got a heart-shaped engraved piece and that's all the room we had. I figured if she liked it (heart shaped/ pink emblem from StickyJ) and was willing to wear it, that was better than having more information on something that would be sitting at home.


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