Thursday, May 26, 2011


The other day I received the following email:

I stumbled on your blog a couple weeks ago, through a friend who’s daughter was diagnosed with diabetes earlier in the year. My 9 year old, after seeing a picture of my friend’s daughter in PICU (her penpal for a long time now) and after our youngest daughter had a seizure and the only thing “off” was her blood sugar…so we monitor her, my 9 year old wanted to do something to help kids with diabetes. So she came up with Cranes4aCure . She is up to $659. she has raised for JDRF. Every day she reads about different kids with diabetes, and she would like to know if you would mind her posting a picture of Elise on her blog (linking it back to your blog) and she would like to make a crane in her name. I look forward to hearing from you.

Can I just say I love hearing stories about kids like Lizzie?

Not to get all curmudgeon-y on you, but I've noticed a discouraging trend in the kids I've seen lately.

Like the 4 year old who told me she only wears a certain brand name of shoe, because the kids who don't, get made fun of. She's F-O-U-R.

Or the pack of 10 years olds I saw at Jamba Juice the other day. Enough make-up to make Lady Gaga look tame. Fingers flying on their phones as they facebooked, texted, and tweeted their meanness. I listened as they cackled things like:

"LikeohmyGod, Jane is such a hag! I'm totally slamming her on her wall"

"Liketotally! You should see what I just tweeted about Kim!"

"LiketotallyohmyGodyouguys! That is soooo funny!"

Ugh. Sometimes I weep for the future.

But I am thankful for kids like Lizzie, who bring balance back to the universe. Please go check out her website and post about Elise here, and make a donation if you can.

And thank you Lizzie, on behalf of Elise and all who live with type 1. Not only are your raising funds for a cure, but you are bringing awareness to people about type 1 diabetes. I am so impressed at your initiative, drive, and sweet spirit. Thank you from the bottom of this D-Mom's grateful heart!


  1. There are still a few 'good' ones out's my hope they will TAKE OVER!!
    Thanks for sharing...headed over to check out the cranes!

  2. This is amazing! I am so happy to hear that there are good ones! Gives me hope if I have kids!

  3. thanks for sharing, i will check it out. love your rendition of the 'hip' talk ...

  4. Ahhh, you beat me to the punch!!! I had the same blog post in mind. :-) No biggie! It's a great post, and I'm so grateful that there are kids like Lizzie out there! I love her Cranes 4 a Cure project!

  5. Very impressive! I love hearing about stories like this, too. The other stories? Scary....


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