Thursday, May 5, 2011

We be stylin'

I was so, so, so, SO excited when I found out I had won Cindy's giveaway... #1, because I NEVER win anything. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

And #2, I LOVE Cindy's hats. They are so adorably uber-cute that I can barely stand it. And the best thing? She sent us 3 hats to adorn our cute little heads.

Thanks Cindy... they are beyond awesome!


  1. You guys are ADORABLE in Cindy's hats! I her hats. She is the one who made the hat that is in my blogger "profile" pic. I think it makes me look more "serious" blogger like. Don't you?

  2. Um, Don't be suprised when you wake up tomorrow and that sweet baby of yours is g-o-n-e. No worries, I will take good care of him. Kisses every 10 minutes, cheek squezes every 14, and neck nuzzles on the 1/2 hours. Oh, my. HE IS SO STINKIN' ADORABLE!!!!!

    Oh, and you girls look alright, too. Just no match for your blue eyed babe!@!

  3. Yes all of you are so freaking cute and that elise looks more like fred everyday and that boy looks like you wonder where he got the red hair ? LOL ;)

  4. Aw, you are all so cute! Told you the flower would work for you! Adorable and I'm so glad you all like them!

  5. My, your children are gorgeous! Congrats on the hats (yes, I am a poet!).


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