Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Things Diabetes has taught me this month... April edition

-Party + treats full of sugary goodness + WAG-ging (wild-ass-guessing) + not even weighing the food so your child can feel somewhat NORMAL for a change, + using the dexcom to see how it all plays out = ???

For those you you bad at math (like me), the above took place at Elise's school Easter party. Truthfully, the only sugary item was a mini cupcake, but I decided to let Elise have it WITH the icing (I usually scrape it off because her snack at that time is 15g), thinking I could just watch the CGM to see what happens. Of course, the dexcom
crapped out on me. Elise ended up in the 300s at lunch, but came back down by her afternoon snack time. Stupid icing.

-If 5:00 is approaching and Elise is helping me make dinner... I need to have a back-up plan. A few weeks ago, we were making waffles, when Elise knocked over the blender, sending the batter all over my kitchen floor. Thankfully, the last time I made waffles, I froze the extras, so I had 1 or 2 left for Elise's meal. Unfortunately, no waffles for Fred or I.

-A low is a great way to get off the phone with a telemarketer. This lady WOULD NOT let me get off the phone, and my nice, polite side has trouble hanging up on people unless they are downright rude to me. I needed to check Elise's BG, and when a 48 popped up, I interrupted to woman to tell her I had to hang up because my child's blood sugar was dangerously low. She started stuttering and said," oh my gosh, yes... please go!" BAM! No more telemarketer! Although this is my preferred method for dealing with those pests.


  1. I love the telemarketer story!!!!!! Great:)

  2. Icing is always a crap shoot around here. Sometimes it reacts well to the bolus, sometimes it laughs in my face! Glad she was back to normal quickly.
    Totally loved the minion, er telemarketer, story. I can remember having to go out and ring the doorbell to give my mother an excuse to get off the phone! Anything to make them shut up!!!!

  3. I have a friend whom nicely tells telemarketers that she has to "take care of her monthly visitor" to get them off the phone...
    as for swagging - it's how we roll far to often with goodies, and usually all ends well...er, ugh, eventually!
    I hope the hubsters Bday went without a hitch - it was a big surprise party with a skywriter, right?! :)

  4. Hee, hee.
    My husband suggested we rent a kid, just for the telemarketers. It gets especially bad up here in NH during elections.
    I vetoed the kid idea.
    Now I want a cupcake, or even a waffle.
    Oh well.

  5. Ha! You scared that poor telemarketer right off the phone Jo! Love it. I am gonna use that one too.

    AND...yeah, I hear you on the Swagging and trying for more normalcy. We have been doing that more and more over the years.

  6. 300s sucks.But normalcy is wonderful. I am trying to do that more and more here too.

    Love your telemarketer story.


    PS: haha! My word verification is SUKIN..Diabetes be SUKIN!

  7. **stashing that line in the back of my repertoire for a rainy day !

  8. We cut the bottom of the cupcake off and let her have the icing to save a bit more on the carbs, LOL. Kudos to Mom for letting her have the icing... it's the best part. She does not have cupcakes every day, I assume. She probably won't usually spike to 300 (35 grams for a regular sized cupcake) because there is usually a lot of activity if cupcakes are eaten at a party, for instance. I'm sure Elise relished every bite so it was worth it.

  9. I hate those mini cupcake icing - it's like the sugary kiss of doom!
    Telemarketers - here is what I do - I tell them 'Can you hold for a minute?' then I lay the phone down and walk away. It ties up their line and leaves them on 'hold' while I go about my business. Then I usually hang up the phone about 15 minutes later. By that time they have hung up. Works every time.


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