Monday, September 10, 2012

Dear Meri

Like others who have written posts for Meri and her family, this has been turning over in my brain for days now.  But the "putting pen to paper" part has been so much harder.  Funny I can do.  Amusing? Not so hard.  It's the words that mean the most that are the hardest to say.

I think I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing.  Or saying too much.  Or not enough. But I've been told the most important thing is to just say it, so here goes...

My dear, sweet Meri.  Of course there are no words for the sorrow I am sure you and your precious boys are feeling right now.  I cannot even fully describe the hurt in my heart, so I cannot imagine your pain.  I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful Ryan.

I only met him once, so I count myself blessed for having known him.  Almost 3 years ago, you invited our family over for dinner at your in-laws when we were in the SF area.  I can still remember the amazing prime rib Ryan whipped up.  But even more, I remember the warmth and the love that exuded from everyone there.  There was calm amidst the chaos of feeding 4 type 1 diabetics and I was just so in awe of how everyone worked together and helped each other.  I learned so much from you and your family that night, and I am a better D-mama for it.

I still remember Ryan's presence from that night too.  Not the presence of someone who is loud and commands attention; but the quiet strength and joyful spirit of a man who has everything he has ever wanted.  His post on Meri's blog (in which the phrase "who the hells needs grammar" almost made me pee my pants from laughing so hard), is one of the sweetest things I've ever read.  Like I said, I only met him once, but I will miss him.

Meri, you are so loved.  I hope you know that.  I think if it were possible, the entire DOC would have flown out to be there on Saturday.  And I hope you know that you and your boys are in my thoughts and prayers constantly.

Love you my friend,

Please, if you have the means to give to this family who has not only lost a husband and father, but the sole income provider, please click on this link and give what you can.  And keep them in your prayers.


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