Thursday, September 13, 2012

The not-so-friendly way to say hello

as I've previously mentioned, pay no attention to the date... not sure how or why it's so far off the actual date

I was just remarking to Fred a little while ago how we are a few weeks shy of 4 years of dealing with diabetes, and we have yet to see the infamous "HI" or "LO" mocking us from Elise's meter.

Rather, we HAD. You know where this is going, right?

Due to equal parts pump failure and insulin spoilage, we saw the suckastic "HI" during our trip to SF. We were at a back-to-school party that was being put on by our friend's church. There was food, crafts, games and one very unhappy little girl who had to endure a shot (that was useless due to the insulin being bad) and a pump change (that was almost useless because it hadn't donned on her exhausted Mom that the insulin might be bad and she almost filled up the new pump with the bad insulin. Which would have led to the third pump change in as many days. Thanks to super Dad Fred for catching it).

The whole mess caused me to sit in a corner after the pump change and have my very own pity party, complete with tears.  The entire day had been a battle; we had mid-300s in the morning, followed by a scary 34 right after lunch, and then numbers that refused to be touched until after the pump change.

My friend sat with me as I cried it out and commented on how exhausting it must be for us dealing with the roller coaster of numbers (she had been with us most of the day and saw how quickly and terribly the 34 had hit Elise). But I was more crying for my daughter, and how worn out she must have felt. And how THIS. IS. HER. LIFE.

I think instead of saying "HI", meters should instead say something more apropos... Like FUBAR.

Yeah, it's not very nice, but neither is a word that masquerades as a friendly greeting.


  1. Oh Joanne! You are so entitled to a pity party! :( the biggest downfall of a pump is definetly seeing HI's when with shots that just doesn't happen for some kids!

  2. Definitely NOT a nice thing when the meter says 'hi' for sure!!
    Hate those days when sucky things are followed by even more sucky things!
    And it sucks even more when the reality hits us like a ton of bricks that we have so delicately tried to balance and keep at bay.

  3. Ohhh. I LOVE "FUBAR".

    Sounds like a crummy few days. We have seen the "LO" once. Never the "HI" I just jinxed myself...and Joe.

    As for the "Pity Party", well... "D" is hard, it never lets up. We are all out there doing it day and night. We are tired. We are tired of working hard and not always getting the results that we so desire. It is frustrating. And, then to think our kids will have to do this always...and they actually feel the "disease"...well, that is too much to bear. xo

  4. The hardest part about this post? "THIS.IS.HER.LIFE"
    those down moments are really killer. But we know too. Glad you had someone with you.

  5. It's those certain times when everything dealing with diabetes comes to the surface until you can't possibly hold it in anymore. I'm glad that you had a good friend to support you when you most needed it.

    Elise is a beautiful little girl and she will triumph!!!!!!

  6. All of the rollar coastering numbers certainly can catch up with you. I am always thinking about what my little guy must be feeling and just can't tell me in words your words of THIS.IS.HER.LIFE...really hit my heart this day. xoxo

  7. I hate the freaking HI. Ugh. Sorry, but glad you had someone there to listen.

  8. Oh gosh, that really sucks. And being away on a trip when it happens makes it even worse. :( I love your idea of the meters saying FUBAR though, that is brilliant!! Maybe they can say PITFA instead of LO too. ;)

  9. Sorry Elise had such a hard time of it... one roller-coaster day for sure after that 34. Thank God this is not the norm every day and hope days like this are very rare. Hope Mom and Elise are feeling better now.


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