Monday, September 3, 2012

Things I learned from Diabetes this month... August edition

-It amazes me how incompetent, poorly trained, and ridiculous the TSA are.  I mean, I have heard stories, but never expected it to happen to us.  The story is still forthcoming and it makes me see red each time I think about writing it.  If anybody knows the right forum to file a complaint, I'd like to know (I know it's out there, I just haven't had the time to research it).  Meanwhile, I think I met a bunch of monkeys at the SF Zoo that could do a better job than the agents we interacted with that day.  Oops, excuse me... that's an insult to the monkeys.

-After almost 4 years, diabetes can still make me cry.  I have an upcoming post about that too, but UGH, I had forgotten how angry and sad it makes me sometimes.

-Travel with D just plain sucks. I knew this, but our SF trip was a reminder.  Don't let this observation discourage you, but prepare you for the fact that even if right before you leave you are having the most amazing run of number you've ever seen, travelling will (more than likely) promptly screw that up.

-We stayed a few nights in a hotel when we road-tripped down to Santa Cruz and unfortunately did not have a fridge in our room.  It was a nuisance and a complete (stupid) oversight on my part.  Never again... when travelling with diabetes (and kids) a fridge is a MUST!

-THIS is what 10g cho of cotton candy looks like.  Also, the pure joy of my little girl enjoying it.

-Diabetes sucks, but cancer sucks more.  I know that by now most of you have heard about my sweet friend Meri losing her best friend and beloved husband to brain cancer at the age of 40 on Sunday.  My heart is breaking for Meri and her boys.  I only had the chance to meet Ryan once, but even that one evening was enough for me to know that I was in the presence of a man who loved greatly and was greatly loved by his family.  And Meri has been an amazing source of encouragement and friendship to me.  Please, if you have the means to give to this family who has not only lost a husband and father, but the sole income provider, please click on this link and give what you can.  And keep them in your prayers.


  1. Here is where you can file a TSA complaint - Make sure you not only file the complaint, but follow back up with them if you don't hear from someone. And ask for a supervisor. Have all the pertinent information with you when you call (time, day, airport, names of people you dealt with, etc). Do NOT take "no" for an answer. I use an insulin pump and have had two bad TSA encounters now. It's frustrating because they should be trained to deal with these things!

  2. Why the fridge? For insulin? When we travel I just pull out double of what we need for the trip and keep it at room temp or in a Medicool/Frio bag. Whatever we don't use on the trip just gets put in the bin with pod change stuff and used within the month. Do you have a Frio bag? Best invention ever. Doesn't keep insulin "refrigerated" but will keep it cool in a bag/purse on a hot day. Won't keep it cool in a hot, locked car. FYI.


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