Friday, September 7, 2012

THIS guy...

... was born two years ago today.  To say I love him is like saying Texas can be a little warm in the summer.  In other words, a HUGE understatement.  There is something so adorable, so stinkin' edible about my little man.  He is both sweet and a whirling dirvish of crazy at the same time and I wouldn't have him any other way.

Happy Birthday sweet, adorable, hilarious Mattias.  Thank you for making me laugh every day.


  1. He is so stinkin' cute! Happy Birthday Matthias!

  2. Wow, 2 years!!?? Seems like yesterday we were all so happy for number 2 :) He is a super cutie!!!

  3. I am with Kelly...where did the time go? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sweet, crazy Mattias!

  4. That second picture is so sweet! I think I started reading your blog when he was just a little baby. Time flies!

  5. How the heck has it been two years already???? He is such a sweet little cutie. :)


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