Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just another day

It's been about 4 years since this picture was taken.  It has also been 4 years since Elise was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I went back and forth on what we should do to acknowledge this day.

In the end, with so much celebrating going on (Elise's birthday, Mattias's birthday, first day of school), it was just another day.

Much like how that day started out 4 years ago... just another day. 

This year it felt right to treat it as such.

But I could not let this day pass without acknowledging the 4 years my strong, amazing daughter has lived with diabetes.  And what better way than with the following story:

I received a call from her pre-school teacher the afternoon after the first day was over.  She wanted to tell me how when she was going over the daily schedule, she asked the kids what they do after they have bathroom time and wash their hands.  All the kids answer, "snack".

What does my sweet daughter pipe up with? This...

"I go to the kitchen with Ms. A so she can help me check my blood sugar.  Then she boluses me so I can eat my snack."

She then proceeds to answer the kids' questions about diabetes, finger pokes, and her pump; even showing off her Omnipod to the class. 

Her teacher was impressed.  I was amazed.  My daughter?  She took it all in stride.

And I couldn't be more proud.  We've all come a long way.

Especially her.


  1. Amazing Girl with an Amazing Mom! xoxo

  2. Ahhhhh....she is so darn smart, educated with her "D" and BEAUTIFUL!!! Be proud mama, be proud!

  3. what a girl :o) High fives kiddo!

  4. Such an amazing testament to the hard work you've put into the past four years!
    An amazing girl with a kick ass mom!!

  5. I love love love this story!!! I takes so much bravery sometimes to explain to a whole classroom full of kids what diabetes is. Your daughter is amazing . . . as are all of you!

  6. Awww...Very special story...on an ordinary, yet not so ordinary day.

    Happy 4th Diaversary to Elise. xo

  7. four is incredible how quickly it goes, yet how we, or at least, I still wish we could rewind a bit back to that simple time. Your daughter is brilliant in her response and she is lucky to have such a wonderful staff at her preschool. I hope her final year of preschool is wonderful and she continues to shine ;)

  8. fantastic story! sometimes these moments catch us by surprise. i'm glad you shared it here.


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