Thursday, July 25, 2013

Here there be diabetes

The other day, the reasoning center of my brain took a vacation.  It could have been that I wasn't quite recovered from FFL.

Or that upon our return from FFL, Fred had to go out of town. And due to that, I had to take all three littles to the grocery store to buy food, and the whole experience kinda numbed me.

Whatever the reason, I decided to take the kids for sno-cones on the way home.  Elise was trending kind of low, it was hot, and I like sno-cones.  PURE SUGAR FOR EVERYBODY!

Did I mention it was only an hour or so before bedtime?

I thought that surely, the carb info would be on the bottles.  I could eyeball what they poured and make a pretty good educated guess. Except when I stepped up to order, neither Beavis, nor Butthead could figure out what I was talking about (I nicknamed them this for their uncanny inability to form a complete sentence, or talk without snickering).

I ended up calling a friend, who posted on our support group FB page (since I'm not on FB, I can't access). Within 5 minutes, she called me back with a bunch of responses.

I SWAG'd like a boss, and as happy as Elise was with her full-sugared, grape-flavoured "icy-pop" (as the kids dubbed them), I was even happier to see this a few hours later:
Gave her a small, uncovered snack to get her a little higher before she fell asleep
But the part that made my night was finding this right next to the sno-cone stand:

Finding a little "same-same" in the land of sugar and ice.  

***I forgot to add the best part of the story... when I was explaining to B & B that I needed the carb information; Elise, who was standing next to me, put her hands on her hips and said, "yeah, I have type 1 diabetes and my mom needs to know the carbs so she can bolus me!" So cute!


  1. Have been trying to SWAG the carbs on a small snowcone at our local stand this summer. Haven't nailed it as close as you yet! That's great!

  2. Ok, so what Carbs did you guess for what size? I've been deliberately avoiding SnoCones for this precise reason!

  3. Nice!! :) Love the strip-- wonder if B & B were any more helpful to that person? I doubt it!

    My kids think it's a big deal when I let them get a "freeze" drink at the local gas station. Secret: I let them get them there specifically because I know they are only 18 carbs for a 22oz cup!


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