Thursday, July 18, 2013

More FFL13

  • A few days before the conference started, we kept bumping into "Rebekah the Scottish girl" everywhere we went.  It continued throughout the week and happened one last time right before we left, so we were able to exchange information.  It makes me think that somewhere, someone really wants us to be friends.  And it makes me happy.
  • Meeting Katy, Tina, Misty and Lora for the first time was not like meeting them for the first time at all.  It was like we had been friends our whole life.  And it was so fun to put real, 3-dimensional faces with the names.
  • Note to self: next time bring an extra bag to cart home all the D-SWAG obtained at the Exhibition Hall (Stuff  We All Get as opposed to Scientific Wild-Ass Guess).
  • I love that we have our own meaning for SWAG.
  • I got to meet Jackson, the dog with diabetes... such a sweet puppy.  Mattias LOVED him.
  • Thank you to all the teens out there who were so friendly to Elise.  She loved all the attention, hugs and same-same you guys brought to her life.  You make me not so scared to face the upcoming teen years.
  • I loved hearing about people needing help with D-supplies, reaching out via social media and then receiving what they needed.  How awesome is our community?  So awesome that when I discovered that I had miscalculated the number of diapers I was going to need for Mattias due to some tummy issues on the first day (5 diapers in two hours... seriously kid?), someone offered to drive me to the store.  And another Mom gave us some pull-ups to tide us over.  They may have been pink and had princesses on them, but he wore them.
  • I signed up for TrialNet; including celiac and some study about turning on auto-immune genes (or something like that... is it sad that I can't even remember why they took 10 vials of blood?). I'm interested/nervous about the results.
  • Did anyone else notice the inordinate amount of redheads at this conference?  Of course as a redhead myself, I tend to notice them... think of it like how a dog acts when they spot another dog.  Although I fight the urge to run up and sniff their bums. back to my point... is there a correlation between redheads and T1?  Are any scientists studying this?  After this week, perhaps they should be...
  • This (okay, not a thought... but she takes my breath away):
***Thanks to Michelle R. for the beautiful picture


  1. :) Yay! So glad it was a great experience for you all.

  2. Was so great FINALLY meeting you, Joanne! A great time, and yes I loved seeing all the D-Supply (and not D items) bring about connections via social media. Totally symbolic of how this whole thing got going in the first place.

  3. Jo, your last 3 posts have filled me with joy. I'm praying for Elise.

  4. Love that picture of your princess! Have really enjoyed reading your posts about your FFL experience! xoxo

  5. That's interesting about the redheads. Emerson has yet to meet a fellow redhead with T1D, but I'm sure she would love it. She also notices every redhead in sight.

    Love the picture of Elise. She makes a beautiful Belle!

  6. wonderful post - again. You capture so many amazing moments. It was a tremendous treat to meet you and so many others. I love listening to you talk and now I have a voice to put with your words.
    I didn't know about the diapers - FFL people rock.
    That picture of your daughter melts my heart - speaking of her - sorry I suck at keeping an eye on mini-bells at balls.
    Come back to CA - there are not enough Redheads here.


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