Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday; FFL

Disney Before FFL:
My boys! 
I love this pic. Two tired kiddos

My little angry bird


Obligatory castle shot

The Conference:

Doing some learning with Gary S.

Hanging with some D-Mamas

Me and my princess

Two very cute princesses

Shannon (love her) and two of my littles

Saying goodbye; Sara and Shannon

Shhhh is right. Never wake a sleeping baby

Sleepy Lucas

Best buds... Elise and L with the mice

Pluto looks a tad crazy
A day at FFL... a great way to tire out your kids
A princess meets a princess


  1. Precious Memories Made! xoxo

  2. Yay - I made it into the picture recap!! :D

  3. Great pictures. Live the sleeping baby with the characters. Hey its not your fault he missed them - you have proof he was there with them - he just slept through it.
    The two very cute princesses is my favorite. Love.

  4. Makes me smile...seeing you and the other D-Mamas. xo

  5. Great pictures - nice to visit vicariously! (Need a west coast FFL some year...)

  6. ahhh i hadn't seen those pics with the characters before! <3


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