Thursday, February 10, 2011

I should know better by now

Yesterday I posted those super-cool pictures of Elise's dex and the lovely flat lines. I also was chatting with my Mom last night, telling her how I have triumphantly managed the household this week while Fred has been away. It's been a crazy-busy week; with school, doctor visits, errand running, an ice storm, skating lessons, dance lessons, Valentine's party preparation all while wrangling two kids and diabetes. I was pretty much rocking it and said so.

The problem is when you put stuff like that out there into the universe, the universe pretty much laughs in your face. Then kicks you in the groin.

Thankfully, the universe decided to ignore the diabetes and pretty much screw with everything else.

Like me waking up every 90 minutes through the night because Elise was cruising along at low-normal levels.

Like me waking up 1 hour before I had to get Elise to school.

Like Elise pooping in her pull-up instead of going to the bathroom and requiring a full-on shower to get her clean.

Like when I went to get Mattias out of his crib, I find that he has spit up quite possibly everything he ever ate and it had soaked through the sheet saver, the crib sheet, and the mattress protector. It was in his hair, all over his face, and had soaked through his swaddle and pjs.

Like Mattias deciding to test the limits of his diaper and as I tried to change him, he kept putting his feet in it.

Like me running around like a crazy person trying to get everything and everyone out the door in time for Elise's school. I think my screeching hit octaves only dogs and small children could hear.

Like me realizing that the only information I was given about the treat for the Valentine's Day party was that it was mini muffins. That was it. No specifics... just mini muffins. I didn't even know if Elise would even eat a muffin. Whatever, I was over it.

Like after I dropped Elise off, I had to race home to feed Mattias and put him down for a nap, so he could be up for when I had to go back to the school to wild-ass-guess the carbs for the mystery muffins.

Like the fact that after I fed Mattias, I still had to put new sheets in the crib. It took me 20 minutes; every time I got one corner on, it would pop off as soon as I tried to get another corner on. Which led to me screaming the most colourful expletives at an inanimate object you could ever imagine.

Like when I did get up to Elise's school, it turns out that there were not only muffins, but cupcakes too! I took one look at the food, mumbled, "whatever", and threw a bunch of stuff on a plate telling Elise to, "have at it."

As I recount the wonderful-ness that was today, I can't helped but be thankful. First off, D did behave. And that is huge. I think if I had to deal with all that plus the stress that diabetes can bring, I would have gone crazy Broadway-style.

But most importantly, days like today show me that the universe can hand me the biggest crap-sandwich, and it doesn't do me in. I may not handle it with the most grace, or the most class (because let's face it, calling a crib a "mf" was not my finest moment)... but I handle it, and it makes me stronger for the next time.

There are still 2 1/2 hours left in today... I think I'll lie low for the rest of it. I wouldn't want to learn too many lessons.


  1. Sounds like it is time for Fred to come home. A girl can only keep things together for so long!

  2. you rocked it today and I am so happy that D behaved for you too!! great job Momma!!

  3. You rocked it totally today and you held it together - way to go J!!!!

  4. Super Woman, for sure! I love that you're so willing to share these 'lovely' days with us! It makes us love you all that much more. AND LOL at calling the crib sheet names, those things are evil, for sure!

  5. I know days like that too well!
    The good thing about a crazy day like you had is that once it is over, you can look back and laugh (or at least make us laugh!). Plus it makes you realize you are a SuperMom cuz you got through it all....poop, puke, and all.
    And I have sworn over changing a crib mattress too...they suck!
    Hope today is a better day!

  6. Holy Cow!!

    You are now officially my superhero. The spit-up covered baby would have broke me. I DO NOT handle that stuff well (hence no more babies for me!).

    You rock! :)

  7. you are my rockstar, can I get an autograph please?? Really though!! I am so proud of you! You did an amazing job and I would have totally lost it with the crib too! You did great!

  8. I hate to say I told you so . . . . . HeHe, so I totally won't. Learned your lesson yet on tooting your horn one day to have to go and eat it the next day? Yeah. I am a pro at that so no worries.

    "I would have gone crazy Broadway-style." Love this, but I totally want an example. MAybe even a who blog post about crazy Broadway style. You up for the challenge?!

    I hope those last couple of hours were kind. VERY kind!

  9. Heya lady . . . . I have another blog post I would like for you to write (don't you just love someone who tells ya what you shoudl do? So pushy!) Anyhoo, I read your comment on Amy's post (the party poem) about your big party for Elise after the sucky 1st birthday party. Um, sick for that party, too? And raining? I really need to hear all about this story ;)

  10. Ugh...I've SO had those days! You made it :)


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