Friday, February 4, 2011

Keeping our Dex dry

When playing in snow... the dexcom is a must. It was easy to keep him dry, but warm was another story. BRRRRRRR!


  1. you look like your back in Canada :)

    We just got hit with a big winter storm but the kids loved it no school and lots of fresh snow to play in!

  2. awesome! I love that you guys are out tromping around enjoying the winter weather - still can't believe snow in TX!

  3. we did that this summer when bryce was playing in the backyard and the risk of getting wet was high. Seemed to work. Enjoy your snow...kinda wishing we could have some :-)

  4. Awwww! She looks so pretty there in the snow!!! =)

    Great idea on the baggie!!

  5. Can you believe this snow? Wow!!

    I hope Elise had as much fun as Matthew!

  6. AWWWW! Joe's stays dry in the Tallygear belt...but I have wondered how the cold affects the Dexcom? Have you noticed anything? I haven't. Joe has worn it in 0 degree weather before.

  7. What a cute picture :) Hope you are staying warm...we just got hit all this week with a pretty nasty snow storm ourselves!

    BRRRRRR is right!!!


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