Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm sending out the bat signal once again to the DOC. I'm at a loss with what to do with the dexcom. The sensor is causing terrible rashes on Elise's arms and legs. She is so itchy while she's wearing the sensor, and the rash remains as long as almost two weeks after we remove it.

We're pretty much at the end of the road with where we can put it. She has a rash on every site we use. I've asked her about using her bum, but she's not so enthusiastic about it. I know I could push the issue, but from what I've read, most of you don't have a lot of luck with bum sites.

Here's a picture of her leg... I think the sensor was removed about 12 days ago.

I tried giving her a break, but it lasted 1/2 a day... her numbers are just so weird right now (plus I was too scared to go without it at night while Fred was away). But we really need her to be able to wear it when she goes back to school in about a week.

I just don't feel comfortable sending my 3 year old to school without the dexcom. In fact, we will have to pull her out if she's unable to wear it. This will absolutely break her heart, she's been asking when school starts almost everyday for a month.

Plus, will this be a problem when we start her on a pump? Will we have rashes and itchiness in two areas? Again, we absolutely will not put her on a pump if the same thing happens. She is so miserable and I don't know how to help her.

Surely Elise is not the only one out there with sensitive skin... I'm not sure why this is a problem all of a sudden. She's worn the dexcom for over a year now. Could it be the hot weather? Anyone out the have any advice???


  1. Have you talked to your Dex rep? If not, or if you don't have one, I can send an email to mine. Let me know if you want me to pass your post today along to her...Amy

  2. Have you tried using a barrier wipe before putting the sensor on. We use one called "Bard Barrier Wipe" It has helped with our son. No skin irritation after that.

  3. Oh I wish I had answers. Matthew did great on the pod, then started having an occasional rash. Very random.

    We started using barrier wipes and skintac. Skintac seems to work better, but he'll still get an occasional rash.

    At least it's a rare rash. (That sounds funny!)

    I hope you get it figured out. She's going to love school!!

  4. I have heard of this happening with another kiddo and their Dex. I will see if I can find out if the prob was resolved and how. Bryce uses his bottom for his Dex, no more issues there than when he uses his arm so....?? Hang in there!

  5. Found it!

    Check out Lorraine's blog about Caleb's issue:

    I may not always have the answer but I have a memory that makes my husband miserable because I ALWAYS remember and I am ALWAYS right!

  6. So sorry that Elise is miserable :( We use MM CGM, and I think it attaches with a different type of adhesive so I'm not much help. But I will say that we have had irritated skin from the IV3000 that we use over it and I put aquaphor on each time I remove a sensor. It clears up quickly (although I realize it may be more of an irritation and Elise may be experiencing some type of rash). We also use bum for CGM sites and have good luck there.

    Hopefully this won't be a problem with pump sites in the future, we love pumping!! (And for the record, we've never had any irritation from pump sites at all.)

  7. I use a pump and have been having this issue a lot this summer. The rashes are SOOOO itchy. Keeping it really, really dry helps some. And I don't use the IV3000 tape over my site anymore, at least, not when it's damp or wet (I only apply if the site is really, really dry). You may find that this goes away once it's cooler out. My issues only seem to happen in the summer.

  8. We have only used our Dexcom on the upper buttocks/closer to the back...It works well there "most" of the time for Isaac..He wears his pod on the other areas.I hope you find something that helps soon.

  9. Isaac has this same problem, we use extra tape under and also were advised to rotate the types of tape we use so that an immune response doesn't occur to one type of we rotate between IV3000 and Tegaderm. However, we use the medtronic sensor so I am not sure how this would work for the dex. I do remember there being a great post about it (the dex and sensitivity) over on "This is Caleb" blog.

  10. No advice here, but hoping it all clears up. Poor girl...their little bodies take so much don't they?

  11. We only have used DD's Dexcom on her upper bum and have never had problems with this. She won't agree to any other sites.

    Hope you find something to clear up the rash soon so she can enjoy school!

  12. Everything I was going to suggest has been commented on already... so I hope the Dex rep, or some barrier wipe or something works out for Elise. That doesn't sound like fun. Good luck, my friend.

  13. I'm praying it's hot weather. Praying, praying, praying!!!!

    Fall is coming, Fall is coming, Fall is coming!!!!

    I was also going to suggest Lo's post.

    We use the Bard Barrier Wipes as well.

    I hear of LOTS of people having adhesive issues with Dex, but not necessarily pump sites. When you're ready, I'm sure she can try a couple on to check before you investigate further.

    It's funny, because we didn't use Dex hardly at all during the summer. I have the complete opposite reaction...having it on makes me a little edgy. Is it accurate? Is the site sticking? Where is the receiver?

    The school nurse put asked us to put it back on last week, so we did...and it's been spot on, the site is doing fine, and it hasn't been displaced...but it's one more thing to think about.


  14. Yuck!! Hope you've found some help from others...Bean hasn't had any rash issues, thankfully, so I have nothing to offer.

  15. Ironically, we just realized a few days ago (probably right after my first comment on this post, LOL) that my daughter's Dex has also been starting to irritate her skin. Hers is causing her to scratch at the adhesive pad and then by the end of the week the pad isn't sticking and the skin is red. No rash yet, but still, DD says that it's becoming more and more irritating every week.

    We asked the doctor yesterday and she suggested Benedryl spray before applying the Dex sensor. I didn't even know there was such a thing as Benedryl spray... but we're going to try it!

  16. After years of pumping we suddenly started having issues with sites that were irritated, started getting infected, etc. After pursuing a major "type A mom" investigation I found that the "triad" group responsible for the tainted alcohol wipes manufactures many other skin preps. I can hardly type this as I just had to add uni-solve wipes to the list! ugh!!

  17. I know it has been 2 1/2 years since you posted, but have you found anything to help? I am an adult (female) who has had type 1 for 42 years. I have struggled with the Minimed sensors, the last Dexcom ones (7 Plus) and the current adhesive on the sensors for the G4. All I can think is that I must have whacked out skin issues or something. Will be going to a dermatologist to find out what prescriptions might help for my skin. Have tried skin prep (Smith and Nephew), Johnson & Johnson tough pads, Tegaderm (3M), new skin liquid bandage (Medtech) and IV 3000 (Smith and Nephew). Am quite discouraged and am thinking that I will just go off this forever. Have been pumping for over 20 years and have never had issues with any of the infusion sets--ever!

    1. We actually gave her a break from the CGM between the 7 and the G4. That seemed to make a huge difference. She still gets very minor rashes from her pod, but we started using steroid cream, as well as a hydrating itch relief cream after we remove the pod and it helps to heal the skin so much more quickly. We try to use the steroid cream very sparingly though.

      I have heard of some people using the steroid cream before they put on the sensor/pump site (about 30 minutes prior to let it totally absorb), and have had great success.

      Good luck!

  18. I'm not sure if anyone here is still looking for a solution, but I'm an adult Dexcom user and eventually developed a severe reaction to the adhesive. I found suggestions at this site (below) and was able to get a prescription for an asthma inhaler which I use on my skin prior to a tough pad & then the Dexcom sensor. This has resolved the problem for me.


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