Monday, August 1, 2011

Things Diabetes has taught me this month... July edition

-This one is from last month, but I forgot to include it... Portugal is a carb factor aficionado's paradise! All the packaged foods are labelled with a serving size of 100g, which means the carb factor is ALWAYS right there on the package! So, 100g of chocolate? Amount of carbs in that serving is 61. So, the carb factor is .61! 100g of bread? 47g in that serving, making the carb factor .47! All it really means is one less calculation, but sometimes it's the small things, right?

-After almost 3 years of dealing with D, you'd think we'd have left the rookie mistakes far behind us. Uh... yeah. Not so much. Twice this month I made the mistake of leaving Elise's diabetes bag at home. The first time was the worst, since we were out for dinner. Thankfully I had packed her insulin in the cooler bag, but no diabetes bag meant no syringes. I did find one used syringe in the bottom of the cooler bag. Did I use it? Perhaps I did. Or perhaps I just wished the insulin into her. During dinner, the Dexcom kept showing her BG as dropping; getting as low as 44. With no meter, we had no way of knowing. We figured as long as she was eating, she should be okay. UGH! I hate mistakes like that!

Oh, and somehow the back-up meter sprouted legs and disappeared from the diaper bag. Grr.

-It's been awhile since we've dealt with Elise being sick, and while we didn't forget about the post-illness insulin sensitivity/carb absorption issues, we're having trouble adjusting. The last few days she has needed anywhere from 45-60g of extra carbs just to keep her BG above 100, only to have her BG soar right before dinner. Day 5 post-illness and we're STILL tweaking.

Speaking of illness... poor little Mattias didn't escape getting sick. He started throwing up around 3 am last night (why? Why do these things always happen at night???). I have never seen him so unhappy. If you could pray he feels better soon? He can't really afford to loose any weight.

Plus I'm getting a little tired of the smell of vomit.


  1. Of course I will pray that this bug leaves everyone alone and yes everyone always gets sick at night because no drs offices are open at night ,LOL . Anyways I hope this bug is gone before you all know it .

  2. Praying that you're all healthy soon! You're right, vomit always seems to start at night. Yuck.

    I may or may not have once used a used syringe myself when DD was on shots. ;) It's not something I'm proud of, but hey, I figured the risk from that was less scary than the risk from not being able to give DD any insulin for several hours.

    We also keep extra meters stashed in both cars. A while back when you could get the mini One Touch meters for free with coupons, I got about five of those. Those are the spares we stash in cars, in DD's backpack, at grandparents' house, etc.

  3. Oh my! Poor Mattias!

    Portugal sounds like heaven! Let's move there and bolus like Mo Fos together.


  4. Hate it when those supplies disappear! And it's totaly THEIR fault they are left behind or moved or whatever!! They should know by now!
    UGH that the vomit isn't gone...adding my prayers, too.
    And I'm totally with Reyna...let's move to Portugal! :)

  5. Nooooooooo!!! Not the sweet baby! Oh man. At least now he has it past him and you will not have to wonder when that shoe was going to drop . . . . because it always does!

    I got a giggle out of the meter sprouting legs and walking off. That would be a funny little cartoon ;)

    Wishing insulin in. You could retire off that idea girl!

  6. another one sick in your house? that is really awful :(

    truthfully, until i read your blog i didnt know carb factors even existed!!

  7. Oh no! I'm so sorry that the kids have been sick. Praying that Mattias is better really quickly.

    There have been times, after an illness, where I tweaked Ally's ratios and basals so much that I knew one day soon my brain would explode! The really interesting thing is that we never had to tweak back to what it was before the illness...that seems crazy to me!

  8. Oh Joanne...hope everyone is better soon. Sounds like you were a good friend to're a sweetheart.

  9. Bolus like MoFos haha!

    Poor baby and mama! I pray you all find relief asap!

  10. Aww poor little guy! I hope he is feeling better very soon! Totally left Emma's meter bag at home today and took her to the park after a day of swimming...UGH...thanks for making me feel the same same with that one Jo!!

  11. OH NO! I hope that sweet baby feels better super soon!

    I'm with Reyna...BOLUS BABY!

  12. My eyes crossed and my head exploded at "carb factor".

    Hope Mattias feels better quick!


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