Monday, August 29, 2011

An update and reminder

Thank you to everybody for your suggestions and comments on my "ouch" post. When I took off Elise's last sensor, the skin surrounding insertion site was obviously infected, so we are definitely going to have to try something. I have a call into our endo to see if I can snag some samples of the products that were suggested. I just don't want to go out and spend a bunch of money on something without knowing if it will work.

Elise has been such a trooper and even agreed to trying a bum site (after I told her she could have a surprise from my stash of toys bought at Target for 75% off). We've been seeing a wide variance between CGM and meter, but the sensor doesn't seem to be be bugging her too much.

I just hate that such an integral tool for us is causing Elise so much misery. Hopefully, one of the many suggestions will do the trick.

And If anyone else is having similar issues, Jessica (thanks Jess!) dug up an old post by Lorraine from This is Caleb for me. Click here to see some of her suggestions.

And... just a reminder that tonight is our big fundraiser at Chick-fil-a! Come out between the hours of 5 - 8 pm, and CFA is donating a percentage of the sales to Team Elise. If you live in the metroplex, please come out and Eat Mor Chickin with us! Click here for the address.

Hope to see YOU tonight!


  1. It really does stink that something that should be providing you with some peace of mind is causing you (and Elise) so much misery. I hope that your endo is able to give you some samples and/or more suggestions. Hoping for a solution for you soon! Keep us posted.

    Good luck at your fundraiser...wish we were closer!

  2. I think Elise should get TWO choices from the toy stash. One for being such a trooper - the other for trying a new site!
    Hoping something... will work.

  3. fingers crossed for some answers, and soon!

    have a great event tonight! :)

  4. Hope you find the magic answer soon! And oh how I wish I could be at the chick fil a tonight!

  5. ouch alright. you must be so proud of your daughter just being so brave and willing. hope you get the sensors sorted and find something to work out.

  6. Wish I could have been there to support you guys...hope it all went well and Elise gets a solution to her ouchie!

  7. I am so far behind. I hope you have it figured out. We don't have a whole lot of luck with the bum site on Justin... it always goes out of range. Drives me nuts!

    I agree that lil miss E should get 2 choices from the stash ;)


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