Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How you can tell you are the parent of a type 1 diabetic

-You ask your child "are you high?" on a daily basis (yeah... an oldie, but a goodie).

-You just smile when a friend tells you they are so tired because their daughter woke them up once the night before. You're smiling because you're envisioning yourself calling them at midnight, 2 am, and 5 am (or, your nightly BG check times) every night for the next decade or so.

-You have ever tested a BG/fed sugar/given a shot to one child while nursing your other child.

-You carry smarties in your sock.

-You find test strips on the road in front of your house and it makes you smile because it's like you have your own personal calling card.

-You know the carb factor of an apple. And peanut butter. And pretty much any brand of vanilla ice cream. Heck, you're such a rock star, you know the carb factor of lemon meringue pie.

-Mac n cheese scares you.

-You're proud of yourself for being able to cut and weigh 10g of banana on the scale on your first try.

-The first thing you look at when thinking of buying a new food product is how many carbs are in it.

-You cannot wait until someone gives you a dirty look for giving your child a shot in public. Because there are 3 1/2 years of sleepless nights, stress, anxiety, and tears all waiting to be let loose on some poor soul who happens to make the mistake of judging you.

-You've checked your own BG during a gestational diabetes test.

-You find hidden packages of smarties throughout your house, like your very own easter egg hunt.

-You've given your child a shot at a red light.

-At a red light, you are able to pull off your child's shoe and sock, clean their toe, do a BG check and get their sock and shoe back on before the light turns green.

-When your child runs to you crying and bleeding, instead of comforting them, you grab their meter so you can test their BG.

-You've ever wanted to kick an internal organ's ass.

-The sentence, "in your endo" makes you want to laugh. Because you are 12 like that.


  1. About the banana, I actually do the same thing, except I weigh in increments of 12 carbs. If I hit 2.0 ounces on the dot, you're exactly right -- I feel proud. And I sometimes brag about it.

  2. Hilarious! Yes, yes, yes! Walked over a test strip in the cafeteria the other day and felt ridiculously happy that another tribe member was there somewhere.

  3. Absolutely hilarious!!

  4. Love the banana bit. So totally me! Cute post!

  5. "At a red light, you are able to pull off your child's shoe and sock, clean their toe, do a BG check and get their sock and shoe back on before the light turns green." Sounds like a Chinese fire drill. :o) Rock on Mom!

  6. Love, love, love!! Especially the one about the bleeding from getting hurt..omg, I thought I was the only one who did this. And my non-D 8 year old daughter who will NOT let me check her BG? Whenever the cat scratches her and draws blood, the first thing she says is, "Get the meter, you can test me!!"

  7. Ha ha!!
    I love the red light part... you are good! I don't think I could move so fast! :)
    (We weren't dxd until dd was old enough to do it herself.)

  8. love this! sometimes my 5yr old grandson actually asks me to test his blood, "so i can be like you Nan" he says. i tell him he never wants to be like me, at least in this regard!

  9. Today is my little girls 3 year "diaversary". We've been reminiscing about all the diabetes fun we've had the last three years. Just when we think we have it all together we go ahead and get on an omnipod 3 days before Christmas and flying to see family!! Never a dull moment for the d-moms! You can't imagine how many strips we picked off the carpet of the rental car before returning! Gross and yet hilarious. Happy New Year, mommas.

  10. I do the same with guessing carbs. You are good....I don't think I could do a shot while driving! I've checked bg's while stopped at a light, but a shot?! We've yet to check toes, but so want to do that at least when she sleeps. Do you use the finger pricker the same way as you do for fingers? I know it came with some clear plastic thing for checking other sites, but didn't know if that was for toes??

  11. I was actually the one who gave Elise a shot at a red light ... We went out for dinner (about a 15-minute drive from home) and realized we had left the insulin at home when we sat down at the restaurant ... I grabbed Elise, drove home, got the insulin and on the way back, at a red light, I gave her a shot ... Good times :^)

  12. This post made me feel right at home! Thanks for the smile today!


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