Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dexcom FAIL

We finally decided to slap a sensor back on Elise because of some very scary daytime lows she's been having. About an hour after she eats, her BG is in the 40s. Every stinking time I bolus her, it's the same thing.

The weird part is at night, it's like the insulin won't touch her. I recently upped her basal because by around 1 am, she would be in the 200s when going to bed with a BG of 130. Now she's in the 300s by 1 am. And I am so afraid to give a full correction because of what happens during the day. But if we don't do a full correction, she wakes up high.

We used to have the opposite problem at night... she was very sensitive to insulin. But I guess the only thing that is constant with D is change, right?

Anyway, back to the lows and the dex. Yesterday, I started giving her HALF of the suggested bolus, and she would be in the 90s after 1 hour. So I decided I had had enough, and on went the dex.

The funny thing is, I had almost forgotten how to do it. When I finally got it on, I noticed it was bleeding a bit. But I didn't have the heart to pull it off and do it again, since yesterday was also pod change day, and Elise had a friend over and wanted to go back to playing. I figured it would stop bleeding and hopefully not affect the numbers.

Everything seemed fine, except dex was a little slow on picking up the drops, but I blame this on the fact that we probably need a new transmitter.

Then came bath time and I noticed she had a LOT of blood on the adhesive. So after wearing it for only 5 hours, I pulled it off and saw THIS (squeamish alert):

Poor girl, she never cried or complained that it hurt. And it kept bleeding after I took it off. It wasn't on long enough to get any usable data, and I'm not sure if we're going to try again.

These lows are just scaring me so much. The only time I've seen this happen is when she's getting sick (or after she's been sick), but it's been going on for about 4 days and so far seems fine.

Diabetes, as usual, is causing my brain to hurt. Blergh.


  1. Poor kid! Hope the Dex didn't hurt, even though it looked like it did. My thoughts on the highs at night are that she is insulin resistant now because she is going through a growth spurt. The highs, resistance = growth spurts for us. When growth spurt is over the sensivitity returns to normal. Years of fun ahead of you...... The lows are very scary, though. Low periods happen but a half bolus seems to me like it should do the job. I guess a quarter bolus? Recheck celiac, call endo. Frightening. Elise's D sure keeps you on your toes. These very young children.... seems like they are so challenging to manage...don't know how you do it, but I can see you are doing a great job. The only up side I see when there are extreme lows is that I see it as evidence that Faustman's theory may be correct; obviously she is getting the needed insulin; her body must be producing some.

  2. When I had two in a row bleed at insertion, it didn't hurt at all, was just a bloody mess.
    Also, I called Dexcom (during the week) and they replaced both sensors.
    You're a wonderful mom and pancreas!

  3. My brain hurts over here too...we are having LOWS all over the place...morning and night. Elise is one SuperGirl! xoxo

  4. Brain hurting her too but with high blood sugar!! If not one it's the other. Hope bg's start hitting in range very soon!

  5. Hi from Ireland. Follow your posts often. Our S is now 11 (18mth since dx - T1 & Coeliac). She too is very unstable but Elisa has it tough and you have my sympathies and admiration.
    We use Enlite and though it drives us mad a lot, it has 'saved' us from so many lows that it's earned its place in our routine. I put one in yesterday and it bled too and just like you hadn't the heart to take it out and try again. Thankfully, it's working well.
    There's little by way of advice I could give that I'm sure you already know but perhaps it might help you to know that I appreciate what you are doing for Elisa. It's difficult to find yourself in situations like these. Hang in there.

  6. @ John K - Hi and thanks for reading and commenting! Irish people are among some of my favourite people on the planet!

    We tried to put another sensor on Elise, but she wasn't having it. We had to do a pump change yesterday (as well as putting the sensor on), and TWO pump changes today due to site problems. I figured she needs a break.

  7. I wonder how much has been changed by you just using one kind (one dilution) of insulin, if that may or may not have an effect on the peaks...maybe before you had a lantus peak at the same time as a fast acting insulin peak, causing those nighttime lows, but now with no lantus peak there isn't that double edge, kwim? I know that TJ has to take a snack at night to combat that trouble, regardless of the amount of tweaking he does, it is just how it works for him with MDI. Where as with Isaac he's never "needed" a nighttime snack, but rather has his highest insulin setting from 12am-2am.
    I am sorry there were not tears with the Dex, but man our babes are so tough aren't they? I hope she's not getting sick and you guys are looking forward to enjoying a long holiday weekend :)

  8. Oh my! I'm sorry you're having so many lows. They scare me question. I hope you get it figured out soon. And enjoy a bit of quiet, before it changes again. ; )

  9. BLEURGH INDEED. i have no words of wisdom since we're not on the dex so i'm just her to offer support by way of saying WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO UPSETTING AND FRUSTRATING, DIABETES?? we've been fighting highs here for days upon days and i'd just like to get some sleep already! anyway, here's to things leveling out asap.


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