Monday, January 2, 2012

Things diabetes taught me this month: December edition

-As most of you know, I use carb factors. They have saved my sanity. When I come across a food that Elise has never had before, I try to guess the carb factor without looking at the nutritional information. Who says I don't know how to have fun?

Anyway, our new food this month was the candy cane. I guessed .89. To my surprise, the carb factor of a candy cane is 1. The only other thing I know with that high of a carb factor is sugar!

-Those tiny candy canes come in at 5g each. Elise enjoyed a few of those for her lows this month.

-Did you know that dexcom sensors expire? And they're not good for long, either. I noticed the expiration on Elise's usually come about three months after we get them.

-I can live without a CGM. Actually, it's been really nice (at times) not dealing with it. Sure it would be great to have on pod change day, but we've started noticing trends on our own. Elise has been begging me to put it back on her (weird, eh?), but so far I keep finding excuses to keep it off. Seeing how I have a bunch of sensors set to expire, I guess I should probably honour her wishes.

-It should be against the law that every family member goes down for the count with the crud at the same time. Especially because it means both adults are sick, leaving the dog in charge. D really sucks ass at times like these.

-I can always count on my peeps in the DOC for help. Yeah, I already knew this, but I keep learning just how awesome you guys are when a girl is tearing her hair out because of this obnoxious disease. Our last two pod changes have been much better, although we still need some tweaking. We're getting there, though! Thanks to everyone who left a comment on that post.


  1. Love your lessons each month...and there should totally be a law requiring one healthy adult at all times!

  2. If those little candy canes came in the yummy fruit flavors, I'd use them for lows too! :)


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