Monday, February 20, 2012

How you can tell you are the parent of a type 1 diabetic - Part 2

These are the type of posts I write at 3 am, when I have yet to fall asleep after a night of fighting sucktastic BGs. I get kind of manic when I don't sleep...

-When a friend offers your child sugar-free candy, you are conflicted about whether you should be thankful they're trying (in their own misguided way) to get it, or if you should kick their ass for not getting it at all.

-While measuring you non-d kid's antibiotics into a syringe, you first try to put air into the bottle.

-You know that ketones are not a musical group from the 60s.

-When you see another d-person in the wild, you act like a dog does when they see another dog; beside yourself with excitement all the while fighting the urge to sniff their butt. What... is that just me?

-You get very excited when diabetes is mentioned in the news or on a TV show. You immediately run to your computer and blog/twittter (tweet?)/facebook about it. You make a mental note to talk about it at your next d get-together, and years after it happened, you will still talk to your d friends about it.

-When a friend casually mentions their child has been drinking a lot of water lately, you have to fight the urge to whip out your child's meter and test your friend's kids on the spot.

-You know that the Islets of Langerhans is not a tropical resort destination.


  1. Oh my goodness, I so get the, "when someone is thirsty, you want to whip out the meter"! I do this with my own kids all the time.

    I'll know to always be guarded if we should ever meet. I'll tell everyone to NOT let you walk behind us!LOL

  2. Why oh why didn't you number these??? It is going to be soooooo much more difficult to comment. Were you not thinking of me when you wrote this? S-I-g-h.

    1. Haven't done the first, but that one IS funny
    2. Not thinking of music, but of the bell tones hearing aids commercial always pops inky head. ;)
    3. Yes, I get excited, but instead of their butt, I want to smell their Dbag. Does it smell all bandaidey and alchoholey like ours?
    4. Of course, don't all Dmoms do this?!?!
    5. I don't fight the urge. I just grab the kid and poke'em.
    6. Do not say that phrase. That phrase is dead to me.
    7. See how easy these numbers are?

    One other thing I wonder . . . Whenever I see a dog I secretly wish they would come up and alert me to Ellie's changing blood sugars. They all have the ability, right?!

  3. Love this list...just what I needed to help me put a smile on my face!

  4. HA! I have so done the dog mmanuever...fully chased down a woman in Walmart because I caught sight (is it wrong i just typed that word out as "site"...ugh...D-brain never sleeps!) of her pump tube...and once I reached her...all I could think of to say in my excitement was *giggle giggle* "HI!!! I saw your pump, my daughter's T1..and I HAD to just come say HI!" *giggle giggle*....I'm such an

  5. totally totally totally totally! L)


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