Friday, February 10, 2012

Meal Ideas: Steel Cut Oats

One of my favourite breakfasts is steel cut oats. I. Love. Them. What I don't like is the cooking time.

Steel cut oats are less processed than quick-cooking or rolled oats and thus take a longer time to cook. I don't know about anyone else, but I really don't have 25 minutes in the morning to throw this meal together.

Enter the crockpot. With this recipe, you can assemble everything the night before, and the oats cook through the night. A warm, yummy bowl of goodness awaits with very little fuss!

How you do it:

1. Take aluminum foil and roll them into little balls. This is what you'll be setting your bowl containing the oats and liquid on. It's important that water is able to circulate underneath the bowl. Place them into the crockpot (I use a 6 qt.) comme ça:

2. Fill a pyrex (or some other comparable bowl that will not shatter when heated) with the oats and liquid. The ratio is 1 cup of oats to 4 cups of liquid. I usually put 1 cup of milk and 3 cups of water in mine. Place bowl onto aluminum foil balls (he he he - balls).

3. Fill the crockpot with enough water that is is level with the level of liquid inside the inner bowl. Cover and set on low.

4. And voilà... your oats await you! I love to top mine off with a bit o' brown sugar and some milk. Or if I have them readily available, I simmer some blueberries and blackberries in some water until they are liquidy and put that on top. Anyway you fix them, steel cut oats are YUM!

Mattias doing his, "please sir, I want some more" impression. He LOVES this stuff. This morning he ate 4 bowls full and polished off the rest of mine.

Unfortunately, Elise is not really a fan... I think it's a texture thing. The one time I did figure out the carb factor, it came out to .15 (without any added milk or brown sugar).



  1. I LOVE steel cut oats! Just had some for breakfast this morning.

    I've discovered that if I just keep boiling on high, I can have a bowl ready in 15 minutes.

    BUT...I love the crockpot idea. Never thought of that!


  2. I bought steel cut oats a few weeks ago, and they've been sitting sadly on my kitchen counter because I can't figure out what to do with them. I keep meaning to make them on the weekend, but then when Sunday rolls around I just want blueberry pancakes and bacon or something.

    Totally going to try this! Thanks for the idea.

  3. What a great idea Joanne!

    I actually use Bob's thick cut oats and microwave them. You put 1/2 cut oats and add 1 cup water. Microwave for 3 minutes and voila! Just make sure you use a large enough bowl so it doesn't overflow. Cleaning oatmeal out of the microwave is NOT fun.LOL

  4. This is a great idea...can't wait to try it. I bought steel cut oats several months ago, cooked them once and decided it was too much trouble.

  5. Wow, does that little baby have your eyes!

  6. So creative and by the looks of Mattias cute oat covered face it's yummy!

  7. approximately how many hours do you leave them on for? I've been looking for a way to do this!

  8. @ Scully - I don't know how long it takes until they're ready, but mine are done by the time I get up (which means they cook for about 8 hours). For all I know, they could be done sooner than that.

  9. Thanks for the tip. I've been wanting to try them but was put off by the time it takes. Someone else had said that you can cook them ahead and reheat them but that doesn't sound good to me. thanks again!

  10. what an awesome idea!!! They're also good with almond butter mixed in. :)

  11. LOVE this! thank you for sharing!


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