Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This BG went to 11

First let me clarify... I am not talking about Elise's BG. This post is about a dream I had the other night.

In this dream, I went into a store to buy cotton candy. As I was sitting on a sofa, waiting for my order, I decided to check my blood sugar so I could bolus myself for my yummy treat. Yup, in this dream I had diabetes.

Then came the weird part, an 11 popped up on the meter and all of a sudden I felt like I was dying. My field of vision narrowed until it was like I was looking through a pinhole. The woman brought me my cotton candy and placed it in on the table in front of me. I knew I needed it, but I felt like my arms were made of lead, and I couldn't even move.

I tried to talk, but nothing that come out of my mouth made any sense. I cannot even articulate how awful I felt. I awoke with a start; clammy and shaking all over. All I could think was, "is this how bad it feels for Elise?"

I don't know how, or why, but I feel like I actually "experienced" a low. I don't think my blood sugar actually went low, but I felt every symptom. Even recounting it days later is giving me the shakes, it was that awful.

I've had a dream like this once before, but this time it was so much stronger. But like the other dream, I know this one will also fade and become a ghost-like memory.

It makes me wish even more for a cure. So our kids won't ever have to feel this way again and their lows could also fade into nothing but ghostly vespers.


  1. that sounds scary. I sure hope it isn't like that for our loved ones when they are low. TJ has tried to describe it for me, however I don't think there is anything like it so it seems to be too difficult for him to fully articulate to me.
    Hope tonight is a restful night with no scary dreams.

  2. Ugh. I was a bit nervous when I read the title. I thought maybe you were up with the Canadians and going all "mmol" on us.

    A CURE... cannot even imagine. (((HUGS)))

  3. Dreams where you can't eat...reminds me of the dreams where you can't walk or function in anyway that you need to...though I suppose if you were 11, you would probably really have a hard time even lifting cotton candy...

  4. From the way you describe it it really does sound like you felt it in your dream. Just read Reyna's blog about her dream/nightmare as well. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has such scary dreams. I hate those dreams that stay with you for so long. I had one like that not long ago. I wish for a cure too.

  5. O.M.... I just had a dream last night MY blood sugar was 659 (really. I vividly remember seeing that number and thinking the meter shouldn't read that high!) in the dream I was trying to give myself an injection of 20 units of insulin :o. . to the back of my arm . . . with a bent needle and leaky syringe . . . And getting pretty darn dizzy chasing my arm around trying to grab some skin. Maybe Mr. T1D Sandman was making the rounds last night and giving us each a taste of what our poor kiddos go through. Blech

  6. I'm reading through the comments and it doesn't seem like there are any PWD sayin' stuff.
    I think your dream was a pretty accurate representation of what it feels like to be low. You got the key points down.
    this is fascinating.

  7. I've had those kinds of dreams before. Maybe it was a gift to us, to give us a slight hint of what they go through.

    I need to call you. I think about you every day! Where does the time go? When I finally CAN call, it is so flippin late for you! We'll figure it out. Love you!

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  9. sounds scary!! and very much the way I have heard lows described as well.
    I just had a dream the other night that someone was trying to jab a big syringe in my leg without telling me. The weird thing was- all of my pre-diabetes fear of needles returned full force. And when he did jab it in my leg it got stuck and then the plunger wouldn't work. weird!!

  10. wow man, that's so heavy. i got all stressed just reading it, so i can only imagine how you actually felt.

    luckily your log title put a smile on my face. :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0wm3JwXbLs

  11. I'm a 37 y/o T1D (Dx in college, about 10 years ago now) & I just thought I'd echo the reply from Scully since you didn't get many replies from PWD... Your dream sounds a *LOT* like a *REAL* low... Difficulty talking, Check! Inability to move properly, Check! Coming out of it cold, sweaty, & scared, Check! You need to be careful about your insulin doses & excessive exercise when you're dreaming!


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