Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why yes... she CAN eat that!

The "that" in question being chocolate fondue, which Fred, Elise and I enjoyed last night as a Valentine's treat. Poor Mattias, who was running a temperature of 103 was not able to partake. Poor little croupy baby.

Elise was 170 pre-fondue (which is not too shabby considering we did a pump change and had Chick-fil-a for dinner), and came in at 180 four hours later. What she did during the in-between is anybody's guess, but waking up at 94 sure sounds like victory to me.

And because this post has a shiny-happy overtone to it, I'm not going to rant about how Valentine's has turned into yet another holiday where the kids bombard each other with sugar-laden crap at school. I told Elise that our new mantra is going to be, "just because you can eat that, doesn't mean you should."

Because NO ONE should eat a stick made of artificial flavours and colours dipped into even more artificially flavoured/coloured sugar.



  1. Chocolate fondue! What a great idea! :) (Now I want one!) Im so glad our diabetic children can eat almost anything, and be as "normal" as possible!
    Love from Norway. Line

  2. Love me some chocolate fondue and your new mantra!

  3. Ugh, I hear ya. I've already raided Adam's Valentine box to throw away the Fun Dip. I'm all for candy, but that? Just....just...NO. And I feel like a total hypocrite because I remember riding my bike down to the corner store to buy a big pack of fun dip and eat it all.

  4. Sounds super yummy...the fondue NOT the artificial sugar dipped in crap! ;)
    thankfully Bean's school encourages more 'healthy' (think fruit by the foot) or 'nonfood'(stickers, pencils, bouncy balls) treats. helps everyone!

  5. Way to go on the fundue...sounds so yummy! I LOVE your new mantra...I'm going to use that with Natalie. I don't like that fun dip and other crap either. I particularly hate hard, chewy candy that is AWFUL for their teeth. So if I wouldn't have allowed it before diabetes, why now?

  6. fondue = super yum! Fun dip? Always thought it was disgusting! Along with those 'drinks' that came in little plastic barrels. They called it juice, but it just screams 'artificial everything!'
    awesome numbers btw! :)

  7. I'm sure the choc. fondue was far superior to the crap she was exposed to in school. Great numbers for Valentines Day... wish I could say the same.... By not offering sweets in general, I do believe they will tend to develop much less of a sweet tooth. I really think schools in our area need to stop giving a Valentine treat in each and every class in middle and high school. Hard for them to be the only one who does not indulge. That's a sugary treat, although small, offered to the kids in EACH class. Maybe you can get together with other elementary school parents and stop the sugar overload your kids are going to be exposed to.... cupcakes in class for a birthday party twice a month in elementary school, the halloween, christmas, easter parties, valentines day. A lot of parents of non-D kids are also interested in curbing this. We were able to stop the onslaught in Middle School, but not elementary.


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