Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who's in?

I've been noodling this Friends For Life conference that's coming up in July. To say that I really want to go is like saying my last post was a little on the sad side.

With Mattias being so young, I don't think it's a good time to do the conference as a family. But I could totally do it by myself, right? I've talked to Fred and he pretty much has my bags packed already.

But I'm conflicted... I just noticed that FFL is 6 freaking days long. 6 days! 6! Did you know that I have never, ever, ever been away from my babies? Like, ever? And while I am all for getting away for a little bit... 6 days is long time for the uninitiated. I'm afraid that I would go, and then be like one of those kids who really misses their mommy while they're away at camp and has to be sent home early.

Yes, I really am that lame.

My other issue is that Canada also has a FFL conference. This year, it just happens to be in Vancouver. On my birthday. Have you ever been to Vancouver in August? It's like eating as much (insert favourite food here) as you want and never gaining any weight. Meaning, it's just about the best thing ever! Vancouver for my birthday? Yes, please!

Unfortunately, we are not wealthy... independently or otherwise, so doing both is not an option. If we were to go to Vancouver, it would be as a family. The Florida one would be just me flying solo.

What to do, what to do. What I want to know from you, dear people who live in my computer... who's going to FFL (Canadian or American)?


  1. I'm not going to the conference (I don't think...hmmm...maybe I should?) BUT just had to say that I LOVE, love, LOVE Vancouver! We went for the first time with the kids in July 2010 (our last vacation before Adam was dx'd in August) and it was SO AWESOME. I totally wanted to move there, seriously. Best family vacay ever. :) Granville Island...Stanley Park...ah, I can smell the roses from the rose garden right now!

  2. Man...what a pickle!

    We're hoping to make it to FFL in FL this summer (but it's not confirmed yet).

    Vancouver sounds AMAZING!!!!

    OH MAN!!!!

    A family vacay or a little time away...both sound very enticing...

    Decisions decisions!!!! UGH!!!

  3. Joanne, my vote is for Vancouver for sure, though the fact that I live here, am going to FFL in August, and would love to meet you, might make a little biased ;)

  4. Vancouver for sure. You know the city misses you a lot plus you get to see your family and me :-)

  5. Well, I do live in FL so FFL in FL is a little closer for me :/

  6. This is such a hard decision! They both sound great and are both places I have never been and would like to...especially Vancouver (it's on my wish list of places to visit one day) but I have to say that I have never left my little guy either and I think 6 days would have me coming home early for sure or glue to the phone 24/7! Whatever you decide I think you will have a great time.

  7. hey hey hey! okay, so, my fam and i are lucky enough to be going to FFL in florida. and while i would LOVE meeting you, i know that the whole experience is something that would be more powerful with your whole family along. in fact, we made our initial decision to go last year as something for L, not for us. i know it would be so valuable for elise, for sure. also, it's CANADA! on your freaking BIRTHDAY!

    if you decide you're just dying to get away on your own and florida is the way you end up going, then don't worry about the 6 days thing. you could definitely get by with coming in weds night and leaving sat night or sun morning.

    either way, FFL will be a fantastic experience! :D

  8. What a crappy thing to have to choose! Oh to be wealthy...*sigh*

    We are looking at FFL Florida, might be more of a pipe dream at the moment, but we are seriously looking at it.

  9. I would call or email CWD and ask which conference has the most information... if both offer the same information, I would go to Vancouver. If there is any way you could take just Elise to the one in Orlando and leave the boys at home, I might do that. If you feel you could learn more and connect more at the one in Florida, go for it, with or without Elise.

  10. what...Vancouver BC in August...ooohhhh that is more tempting to me than Florida ever will be. Let me know what you decide. We are planning Whistler in August, what's another few days in gorgeous beautiful British Colombia?!

  11. I was in Florida last year . . . and it was the most awesome experience. We were all set to sign up again for this summer, until Pete got laid off. So we are both jobless. :( But as soon as either of us finds a job, I'm going to register!! (Fingers crossed!)

  12. We may be doing FL. I don't know yet. But I just wanted to say that I totally get it. The whole leaving your kids. I've left Sweets overnight 2 times since she was born. And NEVER since her dx. I didn't like it. I just dont go overnight without her. More power to those that do... I wish at times that I could be ok with it. I could DEFINITELY use some time away. But I'm just not. So I totally get it. You'll make the right decision for you... And it's not like it's a once in a lifetime thing. It DOES happen every year. At least the Fl one does- dont know about Canada! Good luck!!

  13. I was considering FL ... but I may be on Vacation to Washington State at the time. WAH!!!! What Shannon said really resonated with me. Whatever you do Jo, will work out and be terrific though.

  14. Well we obviously want you down here in Florida with us, but I don't think you can make a bad decision either way.

    I do know that Lorraine had the kids with her in Florida this past year and she (half-jokingly) mentioned she kinda wanted to come back the next time without them so she could have more "fun."


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