Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you look closely, you may have noticed a few changes around here. I mean, really closely. Mostly in the header of my blog.

Look! It's a new picture of Elise! And she's not a baby anymore! I also changed the tag line underneath my title from "having a baby with Type 1 Diabetes sucks, I'm learning to make it suck less" to what is there now. It's actually something I wrote in response to a comment left on my blog where the woman said (among other not-so-nice things), that Death of a Pancreas was a stupid name because it wasn't even correct.

It made me laugh then and still makes me laugh, so there you go.

Also a neat little thing, you can now get to my blog directly from www.deathofapancreas.com. Don't worry, the old link still works, it just re-directs to the new domain.

I'll also (hopefully) be changing the background soon. I always have such a hard time finding something I like, because I'm very picky. And also, I hate change. This actually might be enough change for me this month.

I do have one last request. Somehow I lost all my blog links (to my D-Mommas and other D-people) from my blog list. I'm not smart enough to figure out how to get it back, so the next easiest thing would be for everyone to leave me a comment on this post and that way I can link back to your blog. I don't have them saved in my favourites either. Lesson learned.

No, this isn't a cheap solicitation for comments, but I do love to hear from my peeps!

ETA: I would be remiss if I didn't thank my wonderful husband for setting me up with the new domain and the new header. Thanks Freddie!


  1. LOL love the new tag line and the new pic! :)

  2. I love the picture, babies grow too fast :( and as soon as I read the new subtitle I remembered that letter and your response....loved it!! So here is my comment I would have left you one even if you did not ask :) can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for more changes to your blog!!

  3. LOVE IT!!! Such a joy to witness the evolution of JO as she accepts a little change ;)

    You rock!

  4. Shameless play for comments!

    (UMMM...that was a joke, when I was pregnant I didn't take jokes very well..so just know I love you.:)

    Love the new header. Goodbye baby Elise...we will miss you. Good thing toddler Elise is full of fun and cuteness!

  5. I like the new sub-title! :) I still remember that message. . .
    Are the changes on the site the blog-version of pregnancy nesting?! :)

  6. Love the new header! The tag line made me laugh, too. I enjoy your sense of humor. :)

    Hope you have a good day with lots of energy and no nausea!

  7. Thanks for the update picture! That makes it far less confusing for me to now that time is not standing still! I love it and noticed right away!

  8. I have to agree shameless ploy for comments LOL !!! I love all of it .. the header , the blog and the pic of elise .

  9. Love the new tag line and I love the new picture of Elise!

  10. Love the new tag line, love you! What a perfect response. :) Sorry I missed that comment!

  11. Love the new "tag line", even though the other one was SO very true. The new pic however is darling and it seems like she grew up overnight! When you're done cleaning up at your house, wanna work on mine? LOL

  12. I'm just the opposite - I LOVE change, and make changes TOO Much!! haha
    That being said - OF COURSE I LOVE the changes you made (pic and header).

  13. I LOVE the new tagline. I'm a smartass and I think it's incredibly witty.

  14. I love it. And tell anyone who gives you a hard time about the name to come spend a day - or better yet a night- and then b.. complain about technicalities.
    :) The winds of change... they are a blowin'!

  15. wherecandyismedicine.blogspot.com


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