Sunday, March 7, 2010

A must read

You have to go to Sara's blog and read this post. Well, you should read her blog anyway, because she's just the most adorable soon-to-be-newlywed ever!

But her post left me in tears. You see, she's an Aunt to a one year old little boy who was just diagnosed with diabetes, and she wrote the most beautiful letter to him.

My heart breaks for this family, but my soul is cheered at the same time. They are so blessed to have someone in their lives willing to stand with them and do battle with this disease.

Just make sure you have your kleenex ready when you do read it!


  1. Oh joanne what a powerfull post and I am following sara . thanks for letting us know about her .

  2. Wow.... i am *so* touched...thank you

  3. Joanne: Great post, in letting us know about Sara. Thanks for what you do in sharing your family's D-Life with all of us.

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