Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Interesting article, stupid comments

My husband sent me this link, and my interest was immediately piqued. It sounds like the policy that Nicole up in Canada has been working on to get changed.

But what saddened me were a lot of the comments that were left by people. I don't really have the energy to go into it, so instead I will let you read the article and comments for yourself. Click here to read it.

I'm hoping that some of you do have the energy to help educate these clearly misguided people, especially those who have kids in the school system.

Sorry for the lack of info on my part. This baby is sucking the life force out of me! I need to go lie down now.


  1. Yeah dont you just love the person who stated that we as pregnant mothers could have prevented our child getting the big d by taking more vitamin d . boy I sure would like to know where he got his medical degree from because he is most definately an idiot !!! thanks joanne and now im on the war path again !!! LOL !!!

  2. Thanks for posting this.... I went and left my comment! Honestly I'm so ashamed for them.... how can they actually say those things!

    I agree with phonelady..... that person is a major freaking idiot!

  3. You know... there just should be a law about showing complete stupidity in public. Dont 'cha think?!?

  4. I recently wrote about a legislative bill in Illinois that would allow teachers (by law) to care for students with diabetes in the absense of a nurse. http://www.d-mom.com/care-students-diabetes-act-illinois/

    Do I really want to read the comments and get my blood boiling this morning? I've learned (and I talk about it in today's archived post) that so many people are freaking morans!

    (Thanks for telling us about this article!!)

  5. Gah! I only got part way through the comments and had to stop.

    The asshole that said that we think money is more important to our kids needs smacked upside the head.

    How does he think we can pay for all this medication if we lose our jobs?

    My child is in school. The nurse covers 11 grade schools. The assistant principal is her trained care personnel. But the teacher is trained to know the signs and to test if she needs to.

  6. This is exactly what I'm working on Joanne, thanks for posting!!

    I'm so far behind reading everyone's blogs I just came across this one :)

    and did you mention something about a baby??? if you did and I missed some really big news!!! I going to dig threw your blogs to see if you mentioned something else about a baby!! I'll be reading :)


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