Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I learned about Diabetes this month... February edition

I didn't even notice it was a new month, let alone that we were 4 days into it. I need to buy myself a calendar! Since it was a short month, it will be a short list this time around!

-Snow equals LOW! Oh my, does it ever... the day we had 12 inches of snow I think I could have gotten away with not even giving Elise any insulin. It was CRAZY! Every time we went out to play, about 30 minutes later her BG would dip into the 50-60 range.

-Elise likes hot chocolate.

-You DO NOT have to follow the directions for making hot chocolate that are on the can. I used Tim Hortons hot chocolate, and it called for 2 Tbsp to 6 oz. of water (14g of carbs). I thought that sounded a little over the top, so I put about 1 Tbsp. in 6 oz. and it tasted just fine. Plus Elise has never had hot chocolate, so she doesn't know the difference. And BAM! I just cut the carb amount in half!
That's important when her carb amount for snacks is only 15g.


  1. I learned cold weather equals lows for us! I can only imagine the snow! I can imagine snow is alot of excercise to walk through, to roll into snowballs and make snow angels! Weird hugh? And people think D is "easy" HA! Add snow and cold to the list of ways to whack out numbers!

  2. nothing at all lowers Adele's blood sugar like playing in the snow !! not so bad when the outing is planned, not so much when it's a spur of the moment thing. not sure if it's the cold (ups her metabolism)?

  3. I tried to make the kids chocolate milk the other day by just barely flavoring the milk with a teeny tiny bit of Hersheys syrup (instead of the 2 tblsp they suggest using). So didnt work. Of course, they have had REAL chocolate milk and knew I was trying to pull a fast one - but alas I had hoped I would get lucky. =)

  4. I have just learned that anything really can cause a low . Yesterday I was sitting waiting on the hubby for something and bam it hit me and it hit me hard I could feel myself shaking , an elderly lady asked me if I was okay and i explained to her that yes just a low hit me . she started to tell me her daughter is a diabetic and she said well dear you need some sugar and I said yes maam thank you and I proceeded to pull a juice from my purse so yes indeed anything can cause a low these days even just sitting and mind your own business LOL !!!

  5. Snow. Swimming. Jumping on the trampoline. Anything that even slightly resembles exercise makes Charlotte plummet.


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